Manufacturing & Skilled Trades

Manufacturing & Skilled Trades

Career Areas and/or College Credit Programs

Through Marshalltown Community College

Advanced Manufacturing

Industry 4.0 skills Combine welding and machine tool to build skills in an industrial career. In this hybrid program, you’ll learn the basics of operating machinery to produce precision metal ...
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Automotive Technology

Driving Forward Today’s technical advances in automobile design, safety, performance, and comfort levels require the expertise of a trained and skilled Automotive Technician. Men and women with high skill levels ...
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Manufacturing Goes Technical Working with your hands, using tools, problem-solving, and fixing something that’s broken ... if these are the kinds of things you enjoy doing, then Marshalltown Community College’s ...
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Gunsmith Technology

Build and Maintain Gunsmiths possess a combination of technical and mechanical skills, but those who master the artistry of gunsmithing are among the most highly sought after by gun collectors. ...
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Machine Tool Technology

The Right Tools for the Job If you enjoy making things, using tools and equipment, and taking on responsibility as part of a team, Machine Tool Technology is a great ...
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Natural Gas Technician

Natural Gas Technicians In High Demand People employed in this field would be working at an electric/gas utility, rural gas cooperative, municipal utility, or for a utility construction contractor. Work ...
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Powerline Technician

Add Power to Your Career Graduates of the Powerline Technician program would be working at an electric utility, rural electric cooperative, or municipal utility, or for a utility construction contractor. ...
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Utility Technician

Take Your Career to New Heights The Utility Technician field employs people involved with the generation, distribution, or use of electrical or gas utilities. These workers need a mechanical aptitude ...
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Add Spark to Your Career Welding is the process of applying heat to join metal parts to form a permanent bond. Welding is used to build and repair cars, build ...
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Short-term Career Training

Through Iowa Valley Continuing Education

  • CDL Driver Prep

    CDL Driver Preparation The CDL course is designed to provide you with all of the resources, tools, training, and preparation needed to obtain a CDL license with an airbrake endorsement. 

  • Industrial Maintenance

    Industry 4.0 Skills Industrial equipment maintenance technician careers offer some of the highest paying and most satisfying opportunities available today as companies increase their use of newer and more complex ...

  • Safety and Industry

    Stay Compliant If your company is looking for saftety training, we have the resources you need. Iowa Valley has a wide range of safety and industrial training. We can customize ...

  • Welding

    Add Spark to Your Career Welding skills are widely used in manufacturing, agriculture, and technical careers. At home, welding remains a popular leisure activity for its artistic possibilities as well ...

Manufacturing has gone high-tech

 “Smart” technology has impacted our day-to-day lives in important ways. This same technology is transforming manufacturing in a movement dubbed Industry 4.0.  



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