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MCC students have the option of earning college credit for work and life experience via the Credit for Prior Learning Policy. The goal of the policy is to offer additional ways for MCC students to earn credit by assessing the learning that has been achieved through volunteer, military and/or work experiences. Students can earn a maximum of 30 credits to be applied toward an Associate in Arts or Associate in Science degree. Students who are interested in pursuing an Associate in Applied Science degree can earn a maximum of 48 credits for prior learning.

MCC faculty in the appropriate departments will be involved in the decision-making process of Credit for Prior Learning awards.  There are four ways that students can earn Credit for Prior Learning:

  1. State and national certification exams or licensures
  2. Non-credit coursework
  3. Examinations such as CLEP
  4. Portfolios of student work, including job descriptions, resumes, employer testimonials, artifacts of student work, and other evidence of documented student learning