Area high school students will earn MCC degree before high school diploma!

MARSHALLTOWN & GRINNELL – It’s not often that a high school student will earn a college degree before receiving his/her high school diploma, but fifty-five area seniors are on track to do just that.

Earning your high school diploma may seem like a common accomplishment. The fact that such a high number of area high school students took advantage of being able to take college classes at no cost the same time as they were taking high school credits and earning their college degree or diploma is a huge accomplishment.

Through the high schools’ partnership agreements with MCC, the high schools pay the tuition and fees for college classes (at a reduced rate), which amounts to a savings of more than $13,000 for each of the students earning their Associate of Arts Degree.

Area high school students that have earned their high school diploma and a degree from MCC include:

Brooklyn Guernsey Malcom (BGM) High School – Garrett Blankenship (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner Diploma).

East Marshall High School – Chase Atcher (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma); Faith Bandstra (Associate of Arts); Logan Burggraaf (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma); Hunter Postel (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma);  Isabel Seth (Associate of Arts); Alex Shortley (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma); Chandler Simatovich (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma); Haven Steward (Associate of Arts); and Elizabeth Vesely (Associate of Arts).

Green Mountain-Garwin (GMG) High School – Bryson Kriegel (Associate of Arts).

Grinnell High School – Kaiden Brobst (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner Diploma); Alex Eichenberger (Automotive Repair Technology Associate of Applied Science) Blaine Kriegel (Automotive Repair Technology Associate of Applied Science) and Cameron Schwarck (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma).

Hartwick-Ladora-Victor (HLV) Community High School – Jacob Wright (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner Diploma).

Marshalltown Learning Academy – Colton Saunders (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma).

Marshalltown High School – Gracelyn Bethel (Associate of Arts); Locke Bloomquist (Associate of Arts); Averi Bolar (Associate of Arts); Emily Diggins (Associate of Arts); Reagan Ford (Associate of Arts); Kenley Goodknight (Associate of Arts); Leticia Herrera (Associate of Arts); Klo His (Associate of Arts); Rachel Jacobs (Associate of Arts); Derek Ketchem (Associate of Arts); Andres Lomeli (Associate of Arts); Melissa Hernandez Morales (Associate of Arts); Alexa Ortega (Associate of Arts); Bawi Par (Associate of Arts); Gracious Ree (Associate of Arts); Cruz Barajas Rodriguez (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner Diploma); Jesus Ruiz (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner Diploma); Khloe Shipley (Associate of Arts); Jason Strand (Associate of Arts); Chesni Uhde (Associate of Arts); Chase Wilson (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner Diploma) and Yessenia Alvarez Zamora (Associate of Arts).

South Tama County High School – Hailey Girsch (Psychology Associate of Arts); Daniel Gummert (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma); Adam Haughey (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma); Kaileb Koster (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma); Cassie Ragsdale (Associate of Arts); Grace Smith (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner Diploma); Wyatt Surman (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma); and Drayton White (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma).

West Marshall High School – Jasmine Degelau (Associate of Arts); Grant Nason (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma); Aaron Ratte (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma) and Sam Schaper (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner Diploma).

MHS High School/College Grads

MHS Front row from left to right: Melissa Hernandez Morales, Chesni Uhde, Rachel Jacobs, Kenley Goodknight, Khloe Shipley, Gracelyn Bethel, Averi Bolar, Bawi Par, Gracious Ree and Yessenia Alvarez Zamora. Back from left to right: Jesus Ruiz, Alexa Ortega, Chase Wilson, Cruz Barajas Rodriguez, Jason Strand, Klo His, Derek Ketchem, Emily Diggins, Andres Lomeli, and Leticia Herrera. Not pictured in the photo Locke Bloomquist and Reagan Ford.

Haven Steward, Faith Bandstra, Isabel Seth and Lizzy Vessely.

Afternoon welding students

Afternoon welding students: Front Row: Grahm Nason (West Marshall), Chase Atcher (East Marshall), Adam Haughey (South Tama), Wyatt Surman (South Tama), and Drayton White (South Tama). Back Row: Sam Schaper (West Marshall), Aaron Ratte (West Marshall), Chandler Simatovich (East Marshall), Hunter Postel (East Marshall), and Alex Shortley (East Marshall).

Morning Welding students

Morning welding students from left to right: Colton Saunders (Marshalltown Learning Academy), Kaileb Koster (South Tama), Daniel Gummert (South Tama), Cameron Schwarck (Grinnell) and Logan Burggraaf (East Marshall).

Automotive Students

Automotive Repair Technology students front row from left to right: Kaiden Brobst (Grinnell), Jacob Wright (HLV) and Garrett Blankenship (BGM). Backrow from left to right: Alex Eichenberger (Grinnell) and Blaine Kriegel (Grinnell).

South Tama

South Tama from left to right Cassie Ragsdale and Hailey Girsch. Not pictured Grace Smith.

GMG photo caption: Bryson Kriegel.

GMG photo caption: Bryson Kriegel.

West Marshall photo caption: Jasmine Degelau.

West Marshall photo caption: Jasmine Degelau.