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Student Safety

Student safety and security are a top priority - and it shows. We have a very safe campus environment.

Marshalltown Community College maintains a close working relationship with the Marshalltown Police Department, Marshall County Sheriff’s Office, and all other local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. All crime victims and witnesses are strongly encouraged to immediately report the crime to Nate Chua, Dean of Students & Learning Services, and the appropriate law enforcement agency. Additional victim support services and reporting information related to sexual assault, sexual harassment, domestic/dating violence, stalking and related crimes can be found on our Title IX web page.

Campus Emergencies

In the event that an emergency requires a rescue response, please call 911. All campus emergencies should also be reported to Nate Chua, Dean of Students & Learning Services, by calling 641-844-5743 from any phone. Emergencies that occur in Residence Life/Student Housing should also be reported to Residence Life staff.

Students will be notified of emergencies like tornadoes or fires by campus-wide alarm sirens. Other emergencies affecting students may be communicated through the Emergency Notification System (ENS), campus television monitors, or through communication from College administration, faculty, staff, or Residence Life personnel.

Details for various campus emergency procedures can be found in this guide: Marshalltown Campus Emergency Guide. Printed copies of the Campus Emergency Guide can be found in all classrooms and offices.

Reporting a Crime

All students and staff should report any incidence of crime to the MCC Dean of Students & Learning Services. To report an emergency-related crime, dial 911. To report a non-emergency crime, contact the Marshalltown Police Department at (641) 754-5725 and the MCC Dean of Students & Learning Services.

Emergency Notification System

The ability to communicate quickly and effectively in any situation is essential in providing the best possible opportunity to ensure the safety and security of Marshalltown Community College students and staff. MCC’s Emergency Notification System (ENS) alerts our students, faculty, and staff (via email or mobile phone text message) in the event of a weather or critical incident emergency. The email and cell phone information you provide at the time of enrollment will be used in the event of an emergency that impacts the health and safety of the College community or closures of facilities. All students are automatically enrolled in the ENS; click here to change your notifications and/or learn more. Faculty and staff must sign up for and manage their emergency notifications from the College via the link below.