Great teachers form strong relationships with their students and find ways to show that they care about them. Great teachers are kind, accessible, and enthusiastic. Teachers with these qualities are known to stay after school and make themselves available to students and parents who need them. If this is the kind of educator you aspire to become, schools and students (and their parents) will welcome you with open arms!

Everyone has had LOTS of teachers by the time they get to college. Some were no doubt entertaining, some perhaps a bit dry, some inspiring … but all of them left an impression. The odds are strong that if you’re interested in becoming an educator, you’ve enjoyed some great teachers during your K-12 years. Lucky you!

MCC offers a transferable Associate of Arts (AA) degree for Education majors; students can choose from customized tracks for Elementary Education, Secondary Education, and Early Childhood.


  • Average Annual Salary$66,413

  • Potential Career PathsEducation Teachers, Postsecondary

U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics | Occupational Outlook Handbook

Degrees Available

Early Childhood Teacher Licensure Associate of Arts (AA) Degree

2 Years

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Elementary Education Associate of Arts (AA) Degree

2 Years

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Secondary Education Associate of Arts (AA) Degree

2 Years

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