MCC welcomes Genetics and Cell Biology visiting scholar

MARSHALLTOWN – The Marshalltown Community College STEM and Pair a Docs clubs will be sponsoring a visiting scholar symposium, Microtubule Function in Mitosis: “Lessons from the lab,” by Emmanuel Nsamba on Friday, April 23 at noon.

Originally from Uganda, Nsamba started his Ph.D. studies five years ago with no experience in a research lab, but possessed with enthusiasm, curiosity, interest, and passion. He went on to quickly master useful techniques and take on difficult projects that have made significant contributions to the field of cytoskeletal function and cell biology. Nsamba will share his life journey from the farm into the lab. His career interests include Biomedical research, teaching and outreach.

“In this seminar, I will discuss lessons we have learned studying microtubule function using budding yeast. The microtubule structure and function in yeast is similar to that in humans and, therefore, although yeast is a relatively simple organism, it has the power to help us understand complex biological processes,” commented Nsamba. “I will describe the different approaches we use in the lab to explore fundamental mechanisms of MT function including Genetics, Cell and Molecular Biology as well as Fluorescent Microscopy.”

The symposium will be open to the public with lunch provided compliments of STEM and Pair a Docs clubs at MCC, room 608-610 or can be watched via zoom at

If you plan to attend in person, please note that masks are required on the MCC campus and that social distance guidelines are in place.