MCC Fall 2022 and Winter 2023 graduates announced

MARSHALLTOWN –Marshalltown Community College would like to congratulate those graduates that have completed their degree or diploma work to graduate Fall 2022 and Winter 2023.

All MCC graduates are listed by their hometown, followed by the degree/diploma awarded (AA is Associate of Arts, AS is Associate of Science, AGS is Associate of General Studies and AAS is Associate of Applied Science), and the students’ majors. Symbols following the names signify the following: ** = 4.0 GPA, * = 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher (Honors).

Ozark, AR – Paul Joseph Salmon, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Brighton, IA – Cooper Drish, AA (Liberal Arts).

Des Moines, IA  – Adriana Celeste Rodriguez, AA (Liberal Arts).

Grinnell, IA – Kristin Marie Druvenga, AA (Liberal Arts)* and Alyssah Norene Jo Pefferman, AA (Liberal Arts).

Grundy Center, IA – Alexandria Lorraine Itzen, AA (Liberal Arts).

Marshalltown, IA – Dallas Michael Blackford, AA (Liberal Arts); Locke S. Bloomquist, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Jessica Susan Bolen, AA (Liberal Arts); Daniela Lemus Castro, AA (Liberal Arts); Natalie Dugan, AA (Early Childhood Teacher Licensure); Carrie N. Kroeger, AA (Liberal Arts); Kaw Kuh, AA (Liberal Arts); Diego Mendoza, AA (Liberal Arts); Lee J. Miller, AAS (Computer Network Management & Technology); Estefania Castro Ochoa, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Roxana Virginia Orellana, Diploma (Machine Tool Technology Trades Practitioner); Zachary A. Robson, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Marisol Lopez Silva, AA (Liberal Arts); Eysak Stanfield, AA (Liberal Arts); Bryton J. Stern, Certificate (Powerline Advanced Skills Training & Powerline Basics) and Jade M. Tesar, AA (Liberal Arts).

Montezuma, IA – Heather Marie Davis, AAS (Business Administration)*.

Montour, IA – Lisa N. Tichy, AAS (Business Administration)*.

Newton, IA (50208) – Anastasia Adriana Paris, AA (Liberal Arts) and Joshua Bruce Yeager, AAS (Electro-Mechanical Systems Technologist)*.

State Center, IA – Abigail Grace Elizabeth Struthers, AA (Liberal Arts)**.

Toledo, IA – Tylese Elane Rosenberger, AA (Liberal Arts) and Emma Kouba Williams, AA (Liberal Arts).

Burlington, ND – Allisen B. Haxton, AA (Liberal Arts).

Bluefield, WV – Maggie Rose Stepo, AA (Liberal Arts)*.