Iowa Valley Grinnell honors students

Automotive Technology Students

Gunsmith Technology Students

GRINNELL – Iowa Valley Community College Grinnell honored several students on Wednesday, May 3, recognizing those intending to graduate and presenting numerous leadership and academic achievement awards.

MaryAnne Nickle, Dean of Iowa Valley Grinnell, welcomed students, family members, faculty and staff who gathered for the ceremony and reception held on the Iowa Valley Grinnell campus.

Nickle expressed congratulations on behalf of the faculty and staff to the 39 diploma and associate degree graduate applicants and the winners of awards presented for academic achievement and campus leadership.

The Iowa Valley Grinnell graduates walked across the stage at Marshalltown Community College Commencement on Friday, May 12, in Marshalltown. Faculty members and support staff presented awards as follows:

Outstanding Academic Performance was presented to three students this year. The first is the annual All-Iowa Academic Team, nominated by faculty and submitted for their attainment of sustained academic performance. This year’s award winners were Paul Salmon (Osark, AR), who is currently at the University of Oklahoma to become a meteorologist and Sam Bandstra (Marshalltown) who earned his Gunsmith Technology degree.

Chelsea Connor (Grinnell) was also honored with the Outstanding Academic Performance award. She is a mom of five that came back to school to finish her Associate of Arts degree. She has not only balanced school and family but has done it well enough to become a PTK member.

Outstanding Leadership was awarded to Sierra VaVerka (Grinnell). VaVerka has grown her leadership skills as the current president of the Beta Sigma Chi Chapter of PTK at the Grinnell campus. She has been an exceptional leader – moving the chapter to its first 5 Star Year with her fellow officers!

Gunsmith Technology presented two awards for the evening. Kendall Hempen New London, IA) received Outstanding First Year Student. Although it’s unusual for a first year student to stand out, Hempen has been a great combination of humor, skills, and dedication to the program!
There was a tie for the Outstanding Second Year Student this year. Niles Foster (Coralville) and Sam Bandstra (Marshalltown) both received this award. Both students were recognized for their talented, determination, and excellent gunsmith skills!

Automotive Technology presented outstanding student awards. Remington Kalinay (Chelsea) received Outstanding First year Student. Kalinay was honored because of his excellent manual skills in the shop. He demonstrates skills beyond something expected of a 1st year student.

The second award for Automotive Technology was Outstanding Academics award that was given to Alex Eichenberger (Grinnell). Eichenberger was honored several times on the Dean’s List this year.