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Take College Classes in
High School

Marshalltown Community College partners with local school districts to offer opportunities for high school students to enroll part-time in college-level courses. Credits earned through these partnerships count toward a student’s high school diploma AND their future college degree – all at NO COST to you or your family!

Most classes can be taken either at Marshalltown Community College or Iowa Valley Community College Grinnell campuses, at a partnering school, or online. There are many ways for area students to get a jump start on their college degree with us.

Your best first step will be to talk to your high school counselor. They’ll take you through important information and make sure you meet all necessary requirements – you may have to be a certain age or have taken an entrance test.

Our courses fit into a variety of different programs and will transfer to most colleges, including guaranteed transfers to the University of Iowa, Iowa State, and University of Northern Iowa.

Why Earn College Credit
in High School?

Real-world Experience

Primarily designed for high school juniors and seniors, Career Academy programs focus on career exploration while also aligning with industry workforce needs.  Students can even earn industry-recognized certificates for immediate employment opportunities.

Big Costs Savings

Dual-enrolled students earn both high school and college credit at NO COST to them or their families? Last year alone, families saved over $2 million in college tuition by earning college credit in high school.

According to a recent research, students entering college with prior college credit have:

  • Higher grade point averages their first semester and year
  • High graduation rates
  • Graduate in less time than students without prior college credit
  • Change majors less than students without prior college credit
  • Add minors and second major more than students without prior college credit

It’s common for students and parents to have questions about earning college credit in high school. Your best resource will be your high school counselor, as well as the contact at your nearest MCC location.

Take college classes at your high school

Most high schools participate in the offer onsite Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) courses at:

These courses are taught by CEP adjunct instructors (high school teachers that meet MCC  qualifications and approval to teach college curriculum).  Our CEP program is nationally accredited by the National Alliance of Concurrent Enrollment Partnerships (NACEP).

Your Four-Year Enrollment Plan

Are dual credits part of your four-year high school plan? Students who start planning early in high school will have more options later. Start talking with your high school counselor now, and check out the Four-Year High School Plan outlined below:

How to Enroll for Dual Credit – The high school must approve your enrollment in dual credit classes. Complete the registration process through your high school guidance office. A student may also opt to self-pay for courses during interims or for other reasons. Submit the High School Student Registration/Application Form, indicating “self-pay” as the class type.