Default Prevention

Default Prevention Student Loan Game Plan

Student loans are available to help offset educational expenses for a specific academic period. All federal loans have annual and cumulative loan limits. It is our goal to make students aware of the serious obligation involved in obtaining student loans. Borrowing student loans should be your last alternative. You should exhaust all other resources of financial assistance first including scholarships, state grants, and campus work-study before applying for a student loan.
Our Default Prevention Plan at Marshalltown Community College encourages students to borrow only what is necessary to complete their education. Students with an aggregate loan debt exceeding $9,500 are encouraged to complete the ‘Student Loan Game Plan.’ This plan is provided by Iowa Student Loan and is an interactive educational resource that demonstrates how student loan debt may affect your financial future. It provides personalized real-time results and lets you develop an action plan to help reduce your need to borrow.

Go online to

Take the following steps once you have logged in.
• Select ‘Student Loan Game Plan’ under Planning Tools tab
• Click ‘I have already enrolled in college’ under For College Students

Use this amount in Recording Your Student Loan Amounts. (See below)

Log in to using your FSA ID

Take the following steps once you have logged in.
• Select ‘My Account’
• Under ‘My Loan Servicer’ select the website link listed for your loan servicer
• Log into your account or set up account with your loan servicer
• The loan principal amount listed is what you will use as the amount already borrowed

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