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UREACCh Program

The UREACCh project at Marshalltown Community College was part of a larger National Science Foundation (NSF) grant project for community colleges across the state of Iowa. The goal of the project was to increase student exposure to research during their community college coursework.

At Marshalltown Community College, there were two levels of change incorporated into the Biology curriculum. The first focused on incorporating additional work on the Scientific Method in the General Biology sequence. Most importantly, this portion of the project involved collaboration with a community partner including fieldwork focused on water quality.  Thank you to Tama County Conservation and Naturalist Brendan for helping us on this project!

The second change was to add an Introductory Biology Research course to the curriculum and catalog. During 2020, five sophomore students took part of the first Research class.  They completed a biodiversity study in Marshall and Tama counties (pictures above are from these field study trips).  We are looking forward to offering BIO 901 Research in Biology every other year in the fall of even-numbered years.

Results of the program were promising, and students enjoyed the additional fieldwork! The UREACCh program is currently working on a website to showcase results.

Check back for details Winter 2021!

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