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Bryce DeKoning

Bryce DeKoning Studied:
Associate of Arts
Bryce DeKoning Now:
Working towards CPA exam

Grinnell resident Bryce DeKoning came to Marshalltown Community College after graduating from high school in 2015. DeKoning was home-schooled and knew he wanted to continue his education, but was unsure about his path.

He started taking courses immediately after graduating at Iowa Valley Grinnell, a satellite campus of MCC. He spent one semester at IVG to get his feet wet in the classroom and then started taking classes at both locations, finishing with his last full year all at MCC and graduating with his A.A. degree in Dec. 2017; he then transferred to the University of Northern Iowa.

His time at MCC was very valuable for several reasons, including his decision to pursue accounting. “I started off with the idea to go into biology but soon realized jobs were few and far between in this field,” commented DeKoning. “I really want to have a family in the future and want a career that will allow me to provide for them.” DeKoning started taking business classes at MCC, and one of his instructors was MCC Faculty Ted Lewis.

“Ted did a really good job of teaching the principles of accounting and how to move on and do well at UNI. UNI has a very rigorous program and people tend to drop out, so I knew I needed to be prepared for what I would be doing. Ted and my time at MCC helped me do that.”

DeKoning said that coming to MCC was a great transition for him into college and getting into the classrooms. “The teachers were always available for one-on-one instruction as well.” Asked if there was anything he wanted to add, he said, “I never really heard much about the business courses available at MCC. I think this is an amazing program, and it really prepared me for UNI. I’m sure I’d be equally prepared for transferring to any other college, too.”

DeKoning currently has enough credits through UNI and MCC that he could graduate, but for the CPA exam he must have 150 credits. He is working on getting these credits by seeking a second major in Management Information Systems, which UNI recommends in conjunction with Accounting.

This past summer, DeKoning contacted Lewis to ask if he was aware of any local firms that were looking for help or interns to get some experience in accounting outside of the classroom. Lewis found a perfect fit for both Bergman Tax and Accounting in Marshalltown and DeKoning. DeKoning began an internship with the firm in the Summer of 2019 and has enjoyed all he has learned. “I plan to continue to work part time as I finish my classes at UNI. I would love to be a part of the firm when I complete my CPA exam.”

Jeff Rasmussen, CPA at Bergman, has been extremely happy with the work DeKoning has done for them. “I appreciate and support the Iowa Valley Community College District. Earlier this year I approached the faculty at Marshalltown Community College about the firm’s need for accounting staff. We were given the name of an MCC graduate studying accounting at UNI, Bryce. Bryce started as an intern this summer and plans to continue working with us while preparing for the CPA exam. He is excited about the firm and eventually becoming a part of the community.”

A small town location is an important consideration for DeKoning’s plans for the future. “I love the people in both Grinnell and Marshalltown. I grew up in this community. They invested in me and I feel I need to invest back in them. I want to pay it forward. Hopefully I will someday have a family and my kids will feel the same way.” DeKoning plans to continue his education and someday work toward earning a master’s degree in Business or Data Analytics.