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Accommodations for Disabilities

Marshalltown Community College provides individualized assistance to students with disabilities who identify themselves and request help. The Learning Services Specialist, MCC room 406, can provide advocacy, advice, counseling, and referral information. By working together, students and staff strive to eliminate academic, attitudinal and architectural barriers that might hinder successful completion of a student’s studies at MCC.


MCC adheres to all requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and will make reasonable accommodations for any student or patron with a physical need (in the laboratories, classrooms, restrooms, or for student activities and athletic events). A barrier-free environment is stressed, and the campus is physically accessible throughout. For more information about accessibility, contact the Learning Services Specialist, MCC room 406.

Steps to Obtain Accommodations

  1. Contact Martha Schwandt, Learning Services Specialist, at 641-844-5769 or toll-free at 1-866-622-4748, Ext. 5769. You will be asked to complete an Application for Students with Disabilities Form. This form may be printed and mailed to the address on the form or emailed as an attachment to Martha Schwandt.
  2. After completing the form, you will meet with Ms. Schwandt to submit documentation of disability and review the information. If you are unable to obtain documentation, release forms may be signed to authorize the college to request such documentation.
  3. When documentation is received, an accommodation plan will be developed based on your individual needs.
  4. A letter documenting eligibility to receive services will be sent; the letter may be used when visiting with instructors each term. It is the student’s responsibility to keep instructors informed of continuing/updated needs.

MCC recognizes that students’ accommodation needs may change, and the accommodation support/action plan may change accordingly.

Service Animals & Assistance Animals on Campus

The College prohibits the presence of animals on campus, with the exception of animals used for academic purposes (e.g., laboratory and instructional use), services animals, and assistance animals (limited to campus housing only and with prior approval). Assistance animals may be identified by other names such as companion animals, therapy animals, and emotional support animals. Approval of the presence of assistance animals must be obtained by the student before such animals are allowed on the campus; see Board Policy 526 for more information.

MCC students with services animals and assistance animals are encouraged to contact Martha Schwandt, MCC Learning Services Specialist, to begin the steps to obtain accommodations (see Steps to Obtain Accommodations above).

Student Success Center

MCC’s Student Success Center, located in room 406, is an academic support system for students who need help reaching their goals. Individual and group study/tutoring areas and resources are available in a supportive atmosphere. Click here for more information.

Vocational Rehabilitation

Some students may be eligible for services provided by the Iowa Division of Vocational Rehabilitation/DVRS (not necessarily veterans), including complete medical and psychological diagnosis; vocational evaluation and counseling; tuition assistance for academic and vocational training; job placement assistance; prosthetic devices such as artificial limbs, braces, and hearing aids; maintenance and transportation while undergoing vocational rehabilitation; and occupational tools, equipment, and business licenses required for placement. Some of the financial assistance is dependent on financial need. For more information or to receive services, contact Rebekah Traver, Vocational Rehabilitation counselor, at 641-352-7942.

Learning Services Specialist

Martha Schwandt

Martha Schwandt

Martha graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in elementary education with a reading endorsement. She has not limited ...

Martha graduated from the University of Northern Iowa with a degree in elementary education with a reading endorsement. She has not limited herself to the traditional role of classroom teacher, but instead has worked in the many fields of education including special education, early childhood education, Christian, prison, adult, literacy, and higher education. At MCC,...

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