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St. Francis Catholic Church donates to MCC

Members of the St. Francis Catholic Parish Social Justice Committee donated supplies to the Marshalltown Community College Tiger Vault. The Parish collected donations of towels, sheets, blankets, and bedding for students that are beginning to arrive on campus.

Mary Burns dropped off donations on Monday, July 25 for the Tiger Vault. The Tiger Vault is a supply closet at MCC, designed to provide for students who live on campus, free of charge.

“We are grateful for the generosity of our community. The support that religious groups provide to our students is much appreciated,” said Vickie Unferth, International Student Coordinator. “Our students feel welcomed immediately because of the generosity of our local churches.”

Providing supplies is one way MCC removes barriers for students, and assists them in completing their educational journey. Having supplies ready and available helps them focus on their studies, and helps them afford the college opportunity. If you would like to donate to the Tiger Vault, contact Vickie Unferth at MCC.

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