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Iowa Valley Grinnell graduating 29 in Spring 2021 class

GRINNELL – On Friday, May 7, Iowa Valley Grinnell will have twenty-nine (29) students graduating from Marshalltown Community College. Students will be celebrating with a virtual graduation this year.

The graduates are, by hometown:

  • Adel – Kealey Donner (Paralegal Practitioner)
  • Brooklyn – Grant Hall (Liberal Arts) and Lainey Davis (Liberal Arts).
  • Decorah – Devin Ludeking (Gunsmith Technology)
  • Deep River – Matthew Ranfeld (Automotive Repair Technology) and Ryan Cheney (Automotive Repair Technology)
  • Grinnell – Gabe Gilman (Automotive Repair Technology); Gavin Gilman (Automotive Repair Technology); Isaac Olson (Automotive Repair Technology); Bronson Alter (Automotive Repair Technology); Tonia Cornelius (Paralegal Practitioner); Elijah Havlik (Liberal Arts); Emily Gus (Liberal Arts); and Mandie Martin (Liberal Arts)
  • Guernsey – Blake Stevens (Automotive Repair Technology)
  • Marshalltown – Christian DeVera (Automotive Repair Technology); Jose Rodriguez (Automotive Repair Technology); Jakob Tibben (Gunsmith Technology); David Venegas (Automotive Repair Technology); and Ruben Lopez (Automotive Repair Technology)
  • Montezuma – Joseph Kasal (Liberal Arts); Jack Brenner (Automotive Repair Technology; Sawyer Tindle (Automotive Repair Technology); Tristan Townsend (Automotive Repair Technology); and Greg Floyd (Liberal Arts)
  • Oxford – Harold Neuzil (Gunsmith Technology)
  • Parkersburg – Mark Nigro (Gunsmith Technology)
  • Searsboro – Brandon Bryan (Gunsmith Technology)
  • Sioux City – Jacob Protexter (Gunsmith Technology)

IVG student earning special recognition include Outstanding Dedication to Devin Ludeking, All-Iowa Scholars Lainey Davis and Mandie Martin and Wellborn Scholar Elijah Havlik.

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