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Iowa Valley Grinnell students graduate with college and high school degree

Brooklyn Guernsey Malcom High School’s (BGM) Joe Kasal Grant Hall of Hartwick Ladora Victor (HLV).

GRINNELL – Two Iowa Valley Grinnell/Marshalltown Community College students have accomplished a rare feat. Brooklyn Guernsey Malcom High School’s (BGM) Joe Kasal and Grant Hall of Hartwick Ladora Victor (HLV) will be graduating with a college and high school degree in the same month.

Kasal, son of Mark and Christina Kasal and Hall, son of Jeff & Michelle Hall have had similar paths to earning their Liberal Arts Associate of Arts (AA) Degree. Both began their educational journey during their freshman years of high school, taking the majority of their classes online. They learned about taking college courses through their TAG programs and faculty and staff. “I wanted to get as many credits paid for through the school as possible,” commented Hall.

In 2019-20 over 1,200 area high school students took dual credit classes through MCC/IVG. They earned over 11,650 college credit hours. Taking college credit as a high school student has saved students and their parents more than $2.2 million.

“Dual Credit courses are an amazing opportunity for our local high school students to explore career pathways and allows for a smoother transition between high school and college at no cost to them,” commented IVG Academic Advising Specialist/NACEP Coordinator Kelly Davis.

Both Hall and Kasal realize how much taking dual credit has saved them. “Taking classes during high school has not only counted for both high school and college credit but has saved me two years of expenses for tuition, board, food and more. The next two years of my life I’m saving that money,” said Hall.

Along with the financial savings the credits they have taken while attending high school has prepared them both and given them a head start. “I know what the expectations and course work will be like now. Especially with online classes you either get it done or you don’t get the credit for it,” said Kasal.

Kasal and Hall are happy with their decision to take college classes through MCC/IVG. “It’s a great bridge between going to a 4-year university or college. The professors are great and really want to help you learn. I’ve heard at universities it’s hard to talk with your professors. MCC they do a great job of getting back to you,” commented Hall.

Kasal recommends to students thinking of taking dual credit classes to practice good time management. “Make a plan for the week and stick with it. It helps a lot.”

Kasal is planning to continue his education at Iowa State University and major in electrical engineering while Hall plans to continue at the University of Iowa and earn his degree in journalism. “We are so proud of our Dual Credit students for the hard work they put in to get a jump start on their college careers,” commented Davis.

High school students and parents interested in learning more about Dual Credit coursework can visit with a high school guidance counselor or go to the Marshalltown Community College website and look at Academics, College Credit for High School Students.

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