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Top Students Eligible for Director’s Scholarship at Marshalltown Community College

Top performing students are eligible for a unique Director’s Scholarship at Marshalltown Community College. Students at the top of their classes can apply for this scholarship that covers tuition and fees for full-time students. They are eligible to receive it again if they maintain a 3.0 or above GPA while at MCC.

“We want to honor the best and brightest students who choose MCC. Many students choose to start their college journey here, so we want to make it as affordable as possible for them to attend,” said Admissions Counselor Valerie Ruiz.

“As a top student in my high school, I find the courses at MCC/IVG challenging and interesting. I enjoy being challenged, as it causes me to grow as a person.” – Lainey Davis. The Director’s Scholarship has enabled students like Davis to begin their educational journey at MCC.

Lainey Davis

Iowa Valley Grinnell student Lainey Davis.

Throughout April, we celebrate Community College Month, and highlight the benefits of studying at a community college. Community colleges, like Marshalltown Community College and Iowa Valley Grinnell, make it financially possible for every student to attend and receive a quality education. Affordability and transferability are just two of the benefits of choosing a community college. Learn more about the benefits of community college by visiting

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