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6th Annual Medina Family Scholarships awarded

Medina Scholarship Winners Fall 2020

Pictured left to right: first row Bertha Medina, Alfonso Medina, Vanessa Pérez and Marcos Medina. Second row Marisela Zamora, Citlaly Armas, Darlene Smith and Diana Guzman Carrillo. Third row: Alyssa Wenner, Ramon Regalado, Mung Piang and Weston Durman. Not pictured are Brenda Piedra, Makayla Backen, Alondra Mares, Grisel Chavez-Rodriguez, Maritza Patricio and Thea Larsson.

MARSHALLTOWN – In a year that has seen a great deal of hardship for the country and particularly our derecho-ravaged community, one instance of good fortune has emerged. Through the generosity of many supporters of Alfonso Medina’s ‘No Love, No Tacos’ campaign and the Medina family businesses, this year 14 recipients will receive $500 Medina Family Scholarships, totaling $7,000 in awards!

“I am very humbled by all the support received locally, nationwide and abroad to make this possible. I want to thank everyone who has shown support by either calling us, dining-in, ordering carry-out and purchasing our No Love, No Tacos merchandise. Thanks to you all, we can continue to invest back into the community that helps keep our doors open. Keeping our money locally, while providing and easing the opportunity for students to attend our community college, and pursue higher education, has been very rewarding. Please stay safe, wear a mask, and make healthy decisions as we work together to overcome this global virus pandemic affecting us all. To support and donate to our mission and non-profit, please visit ” Alfonso Medina, Jr. says. This scholarship is funded by two family-owned businesses in town, La Carreta Mexican Grill and El Portal Mexican Restaurant.

Recipients selected this year include Brenda Piedra, Makayla Backen, Ramon Regalado, Diana Guzman Carrillo, Citlaly Armas Duarte, Alondra Mares, Mung Piang, Grisel Chavez-Rodriguez, Weston Durman, Maritza Patricio, Darlene Smith, Alyssa Wenner, Thea Larsson, and Marisela Zamora. Students submitted essays about “What the American Dream Means to Me.”

Medina congratulated the students and told those in attendance that he insists on the essay because he loves to write and really enjoys reading the submitted essays. This year he was fortunate to be able to award so many more students than in the past, where there were two recipients chosen.

For donors who are inspired by the Medina family’s generosity to contribute to or establish scholarship funds are encouraged to contact MCC Foundation Executive Director Carol Geil for more information at 641-844-5747 or Gifts to the MCC Foundation are always tax-exempt!

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