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MCC 2019-2020 graduates announced

MARSHALLTOWN – On Friday, May 8, graduates of Marshalltown Community College took their next step as they became alumni of the College. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, unfortunately, MCC was unable to have a ceremony to honor the graduates. Graduates include those that completed their degree or diploma work during the winter 2019 term and spring and summer 2020 terms.

All MCC FY20 graduates are listed by their hometown, followed by the degree/diploma awarded (AA is Associate of Arts, AS is Associate of Science, AGS is Associate of General Studies and AAS is Associate of Applied Science), and the students’ majors. Symbols following the names signify the following: ** = 4.0 GPA, * = 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher (Honors).

Acworth, GA – Myles Christian Broadie, AA (Liberal Arts).

Albia, IA – Case Michael Scieszinski, AAS (Gunsmith).

Albion, IA – Trevor Allen Ketcham, AA (Liberal Arts)*; and Amanda Elizabeth Snider, AA (Liberal Arts).

Alcorcon, Spain – Eva Carballo Bayon, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Ames, IA – Cora Grace Spainhower, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); and Xinyu Zhao, AA (Liberal Arts).

Ankeny, IA – Ana Paula Rodrigues, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing)*.

Barcelona, Spain – Cesar Mont Soler, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Belle Plaine, IA – Dylan David Fry, Diploma (Utility Technician) and Certificates (Powerline Basics & Powerline Advanced Skills Training); Cole John Hamilton, Certificate (Powerline Basics).

Blue Grass, IA – Joseph David Beard, AAS (Gunsmith Technology).

Boaz, AL – Jason Alexander King, AGS*.

Brasilia, Brazil – Matheus de Castro Pereira, AA (Marketing).

Brooklyn, IA – Nathan Judd Blankenship, AAS (Gunsmith Technology); Stevie Marie Hazelwood, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing); and Krystal S. Johnson, Diploma (Nursing: Practical Nursing)*.

Brooklyn Park, MN– Paris Lashawnda Finklea, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing)*.

Camanche, IA – Zack Steven Leu, Certificates (Powerline Basics & Powerline Advanced Skills Training) Diploma (Utility Technician).

Cedar Bluffs, NE – Jacob Thomas Cleveringa, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Cedar Rapids, IA – Madison Leigh Dennis, Diploma (Medical Assistant); and Alexander J. Scoville, Certificates (Natural Gas Customer Service Skills & Natural Gas Construction Skills).

Centerville, IA – Nolan Bogle, Certificates (Powerline Construction Skills & Powerline Troubleshooting Analysis) and AAS (Powerline Technician).

Chelsea, IA – Tanner Patrick Meeks, Diploma (Utility Technician) and Certificates (Powerline Advanced Skills Training & Powerline Basics); and Vanessa Maribel Valdovinos, Diploma (Dental Assisting)*.

Clemons, IA – Acelyn Brianna Damisch, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Theresa Anne Sinning, Diploma (Medical Assistant)**; and Chad M. Weaver Jr., Certificates (Natural Gas Customer Service Skills, Natural Gas Construction Skills, Natural Gas Advanced Fundamentals & Natural Gas Basics) Diploma (Utility Technician) and AAS (Natural Gas Technician).

Clive, IA – Catherine Njambi Mbugua, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing)*; and Erica Marie Rund, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing).*

Clutier, IA – Devin Nicole Stacey, AA (Liberal Arts).

Conrad, IA – Ashley Marie Bond, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); and Branden Storjohann, AAS (Computer Network Management & Technology)*.

Coon Rapids, MN – Sekou Kromah, AA (Liberal Arts).

Crvenka, Serbia – Marija Egic, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Davis City, IA – Gabrial Paul Denney, Diploma (Utility Technician) and Certificates (Powerline Basics & Powerline Advanced Skills Training).

Decorah, IA – Clay Richard Johansen, Certificates (Powerline Advanced Skills Training & Powerline Basics) and Diploma (Utility Technician).

Des Moines, IA – Annie Blystone, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing)*.

Dysart, IA – Morgan Leigh Purdy, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing).

Earlham, IA – Bethany Grace Connon, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Eaton, CO – Whitley Jean Ervin, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Eldora, IA – Jaymee Jeanne Dalbec, AA (Liberal Arts).

Encamp, Andorra – Aleix Viladot Carames, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Franklin, TX – Jacob Edward Medcalf, AA (Liberal Arts).

Fontanelle, IA – Tedd Allan Christensen, AAS (Gunsmith Technology).

Forest City, IA – Rachel Suanne Holst, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing)*.

Gardnerville, NV – Kylie Madison Swan, AA (Liberal Arts).

Garwin, IA – Alexa Zoffka Almanza, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Elizabeth Marie Hessenius, AAS (Advanced Manufacturing Technology); Chris S. Klinefelter, AA (Liberal Arts); Zachary William Krull, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding); Cooper Langenbau, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding); Sarah Rebecca Mattingly, AA (Liberal Arts); KaeLynne Mae Meling, Diploma (Practical Nursing); and Colton Douglas Reed, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding).

Gilbert, IA – Megan Mia-Sperfslage Miller, Diploma (Practical Nursing)*.

Girona, Spain – Roger Guardiola, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Gladbrook, IA – Thomas Coons, Diploma (Medical Office Practitioner)*; Matthew Johannsen, Diploma (Utility Technician) Certificates (Powerline Basics & Powerline Advanced Skills Training)*; Eric Ryan Keller, AA (Liberal Arts)*; McKenna Rose Kupka, AAS (Business Administration); Alannah McHenry, AAS (Accounting)*; Caleb Grant McHenry, Diploma (Machine Tool Technology Trades Practitioner) AAS (Machine Tool Technology Tool & Die)*; Andrea Kathleen Morris, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Gage William Murty, Certificate (Powerline Basics); Samuel Steinmeyer, Certificates (Manufacturing Welding – Construction & Manufacturing Welding) Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner); and Timothy James Steinmeyer, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Grand Junction, IA – Laurin Elizabeth Lyons, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Grinnell, IA – Tonia May Cornelius, AA (Liberal Arts); Nathan D. Crookshank, AA (Liberal Arts); Jarrett DeKoning, AA (Liberal Arts); Martin Keith Hunt, AA (Liberal Arts); Robert Stanley Inman, AAS (Computer Network Management & Technology); Corey Sue Innis, AA (Liberal Arts); Taylor Ann Kirby, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing)*; Monsseratt Alicia Merino, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Peyton Edward Miller, AAS (Accounting)*; Christopher Blake Oglesby, AAS (Gunsmith Technology); Jonah R. Oleson, AAS (Gunsmith Technology)*; and Quentin James Pinkerton, AA (Liberal Arts).

Haverhill, IA – Ethan Samuel Borton, Diploma (Utility Technician) and Certificates (Powerline Advanced Skills Training & Powerline Basics).

Himeji, Japan – Kazuki Kimura, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Holland, IA – Matthew A. Kuester, Certificate (Natural Gas Advanced Fundamentals); and Gina Marie Lennard, Diploma (Medical Assistant)*.

Hubbard, IA – Jacob Martin, Certificate (Powerline Construction Skills).

Incheon, South Korea – Jooyoung Ha, AA (Liberal Arts)**.

Iowa Falls, IA – Samantha Grace Cooper, AA (Liberal Arts); and Leonel Fonseca, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner) and Certificates (Manufacturing Welding – Construction & Manufacturing Welding).

Jamaica – Oswald Junior Moodie, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Jamacia, IA – William Wade Funcke, Certificates (Powerline Basics & Powerline Advanced Skills Training) and Diploma (Utility Technician).

Kailua, HI – Halee Maka’ala Pedro, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Knoxville, IA – Megan Marie Stuart, AAS (Early Childhood Education).

Laurel, IA – Dustin Wayne Aikin, AAS (Machine Tool Technology Tool & Die)*; Chase M. Gratopp, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner) and Certificates (Manufacturing Welding & Manufacturing Welding – Construction)*; and Amber Nicole Hinegardner, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing).

Laurel, MD – Quavon Dean Blackwood, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Las Cruces, NM – Raquel Marie Gonzales, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Le Grand, IA – Jamie M. Hansen, AAS (Accounting); Samuel A. Sutliff, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner) and Certificates (Manufacturing Welding – Construction & Manufacturing Welding); Logan M. Andrews, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner); Trevor Allen Goulding, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Raeann Kay Meling, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Karsen Kiara Reynolds, AA (Liberal Arts); Caden Garrett Steward, AA (Liberal Arts); and Ramon Alexander Torrez, AA (Liberal Arts).

Liscomb, IA – Ashley Renae Brown, AA (Liberal Arts) and Ashley M. Keefer, AAS (Computer Network Management & Technology).

Lynville, IA – Trisha Jo Beyer, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing).

Marengo, IA – Jayson R. Krakow, Diploma (Utility Technician) Certificates (Powerline Basics & Powerline Advanced Skills Training); and Breven Platt, Diploma (Utility Technician) Certificates (Powerline Basics & Powerline Advanced Skills Training).

Marshalltown, IA – Moises Hernandez, Diploma (Utility Technician) Certificates (Powerline Basics & Powerline Advanced Skills Training); Brooke Elizabeth Aalfs, AA (Liberal Arts); Shelly Adelmund, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Gabriela Aguilera, AA (Liberal Arts); Pedro Arturo Andrade, AA (Liberal Arts); Jacqueline R. Archambault, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Thai Lee Baccam, AAS (Natural Gas Technician) Certificates (Natural Gas Customer Service Skills & Natural Gas Construction Skills); Amy Kathleen Bair, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); McKenna Taylor Banes, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Mia Diane Barajas, AA (Liberal Arts); Lauren Batterson, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Emmett Jonathan Bauder, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding)*; Conner Allen Beaty, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Iang Tha Bor, AA (Liberal Arts); Abigail Jean Brennecke, Diploma (Dental Assisting)*; Olivia Rae Brintnall, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Acacia Rose Brown, Diploma (Practical Nursing)*; Adriana Cabrera Perez, Diploma (Medical Assistant)*; Molly Marie Calkins, AA (Liberal Arts); Devin Gene Carlon, AAS (Computer Network Management & Technology); Miguel Chavarria, AA (Liberal Arts); Katelyn Danielle Choate, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing)*; Elizabeth Jane Collins, Diploma (Medical Assistant)*; Olivia Pauline Cortes, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Kayleah Sue Cullor, Diploma (Dental Assisting)*; Mawei Garang Deng, AA (Liberal Arts); Janneth Deniz, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Erin R. Duffy, AA (Liberal Arts); Pukhamsay G. Feaman, Diploma (Medical Assistant)*; Sabra Renee Fiser, AA (Liberal Arts); Grace James Fisher, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Mallory Marie Fisher, Diploma (Dental Assisting)*; Jaime Enrique Flores, AAS (Electro-Mechanical Systems Technologist); Madison Fogt, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Janet Fonseca, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Juana Galvan Hidalgo, AA (Liberal Arts); Ana C. Garcia, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Sidney Louise Gard, AA (Liberal Arts); Jorac L. Goeh, AAS (Computer Network Management & Technology); Mariana Gonzalez Ordaz, AA (Liberal Arts); Preston Samuel Goos, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner) Certificates (Manufacturing Welding – Construction & Manufacturing Welding)*; Olivia Anne Hannam, AA (Liberal Arts); Jaci Ann Hardman, AA (Liberal Arts – Veterinary Medicine); Seth John Heinrichs, Certificate (Natural Gas Basics); Nanci Ana Hernandez Barajas, AA (Liberal Arts); Morgan Blair Hessenius, AA (Liberal Arts); Wyatt M. Himes, AAS (Natural Gas Technician) Certificates (Natural Gas Customer Service Skills & Natural Gas Construction Skills); Amanda S. Hoffman, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Itzel Hueso, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Hallie Marie Hugen, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Jazmin Ibarra, AA (Liberal Arts); Lance Scott Ingram, AA (Liberal Arts); Sarah Marie Jacobs, AA (Liberal Arts); Lindsey Brooke Jeffries, AA (Liberal Arts)**; Bentiwa Ablamba Annie Johnson, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing)*; Hillary Jo Jones, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Fatima Juarez Garcia, Diploma (Medical Office Practitioner); Kaylin Marie Knox, AA (Liberal Arts); Braelyn Nicole Lander, AA (Liberal Arts); Landyn Jay Larson, Diploma (Utility Technician) Certificates (Natural Gas Basics & Natural Gas Advanced Fundamentals); Madison A. Larson, AA (Liberal Arts); Megan Lee Ann Larson, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Luis F. Ledesma-Perez, AA (Liberal Arts); Jenika Renee Lynch, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Decker Jamison Mann, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Lateisha LaQuay Manning-Spates, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Roy Dwight Marshall, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Stephanie Jo McCready, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Alissa Anne McGrath, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Leandra LaRae McLaughlin, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Maria Del Rosario Mendoza Piceno, Diploma (Practical Nursing)*; Jeffrey Miron, Certificate (Natural Gas Basics); Ku Mo, AA (Liberal Arts); Elias Seid Mohammed, AAS (Computer Network Management & Technology); Isaiah Shawn Moore, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding)*; Diana Moreno, Diploma (Dental Assisting); Irene Munoz, AA (Liberal Arts); Marissa Dawn Nelson, AA (Liberal Arts); Stephen Andrew Oberbeck, AAS (Advanced Manufacturing Technology) Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner) Certificates (Manufacturing Welding & Manufacturing Welding – Construction) Isaac Ogston, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Luis Antonio Ortiz, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner) Certificates (Manufacturing Welding & Manufacturing Welding – Construction); Eh Tha Dah Paw, AA (Liberal Arts); Ta Pay, AAS (Computer Network Management & Technology); Chit Phuu, AA (Liberal Arts); Christina Cassandra Pohle, AA (Liberal Arts); EchoMarie Hope Puls, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Yvette Ramirez, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Francisco Ramirez Rodriguez, AAS (Natural Gas Technician) Diploma (Utility Technician) Certificates (Natural Gas Advanced Fundamentals, Natural Gas Construction Skills, Natural Gas Customer Service Skills); Eric Ramos Lucas, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding); Ramon Regalado, Certificate (Natural Gas Basics)*; Oscar Reyes-Torres, Certificate (Natural Gas Basics); Josue Rodriguez, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Stephanie Lissette Rodriguez, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Selena Rodriguez Lizardi, AAS (Accounting); Gerardo David Sanchez, AA (Liberal Arts) AAS (Broadcasting/Digital Media); Yeimi Carolina Sanchez, AA (Liberal Arts); Israel Sanchez-Tellez, AA (Liberal Arts); Alexis Elizabeth Schneider, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Cody Sicard, Diploma (Practical Nursing)*; Zachary Michael Sills, AA (Liberal Arts); Kadin Richard Skala, Certificate (Powerline Construction Skills); Megan N. Slingluff, AA (Liberal Arts); Jacob Scott Smith, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Elvis Joel Soto, AAS (Automotive Repair Technology) Diploma (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner); Cheyenne Lenae Stanley, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Kaylee Rose Storjohann, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Olivia Gabrielle Terrones, AA (Liberal Arts)**; Cole David Tesar, AA (Liberal Arts); Jordyn A. Thiessen, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Tiffany Ann Thomas, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Alexis Idali Torres, Diploma (Medical Assistant); LaVonne Nhavi Tran, AA (Liberal Arts); Brian Joseph Trowbridge, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Kaci Graceann Uhde, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Liz Vargas Perez, AA (Liberal Arts); Daniel Vargas Tapia, AA (Liberal Arts); Vanessa Vergara, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Aaron James Walker, AA (Liberal Arts); Genesis Cyanne Wanatee, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Denise Marie Weuve, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Lindsay Marie Wiegand, AA (Liberal Arts); Kasey M. Winters, AAS (Computer Network Management & Technology); Rosa Margarita Yanez-Gonzalez, AA (Liberal Arts); May Ta Zen, AA (Liberal Arts); and Yvonne Ramirez, Diploma (Medical Assistant)*.

Melbourne, IA – Ashley N. Dare, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Emma Rose Kielman, AA (Liberal Arts) Diploma (Business Administration); and Lauren Elizabeth Rudkin, Diploma (Practical Nursing).

Miles, IA – Avery Aaron Rowold, Certificates (Powerline Basics & Powerline Advanced Skills Training).

Milford, UT – Elena Min Yee, AA (Liberal Arts)**.

Mitchellville, IA – Alena Michelle O’Connor, Diploma (Dental Assisting)*.

Montezuma, IA – Cheyenne Nicole Klos, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing).

Montour, IA – Shannon Fergus Peters, AA (Liberal Arts)**; and Cole Michael Savage, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding).

Muscatine, IA – Logan M. Carter, AAS (Natural Gas Technician) Diploma (Utility Technician) Certificates (Natural Gas Construction Skills & Natural Gas Customer Service Skills).

Mystic, IA – Troy Carroll Seeman, Certificate (Powerline Basics).

Nevada, IA – Jay Marshall Calentine, Diploma (Utility Technician) Certificates (Powerline Basics & Powerline Advanced Skills Training); Alison Paige Caruth, Diploma (Dental Assisting); and Rachael R. Sloan, AA (Liberal Arts).

New London, IA – Stacy Lynn Betz, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

New Orleans, LA – Grace E. McKendall-Thompson, AA (Liberal Arts).

New Providence, IA – Quinton Ward, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding)*.

New Sharon, IA – Thomas Dean Wilkin, AAS (Powerline Technician)*.

Newton, IA – Somer Marie McAlister, AA (Liberal Arts); Trevor Nook, Diploma (Utility Technician) Certificates (Powerline Advanced Skills Training & Powerline Basics)*; Brenda Lee Oskam, Diploma (Medical Office Practitioner)*; and Danica RaeLeigh Wilson, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

North Vancouver, BC – Nell Josephine Skeath, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Oakedale, MN – Kenlove Solon, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner) Certificate (Manufacturing Welding)*.

Oskaloosa, IA – Kelsey Lynn Pothoven, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing).

Prairie City, IA – Stephen Chase Sanders, AAS (Natural Gas Technician) Certificates (Natural Gas Customer Service Skills & Natural Gas Construction Skills).

Reasnor, IA – Monica Ann Neff, Diploma (Practical Nursing).

Red Oak, IA – Tiffany Jean Medenwaldt, AAS (Paralegal)*.

Rhodes, IA – Julissa Louise Herrald, Diploma (Medical Assistant)*; Ben Oxley, AA (Liberal Arts); and Braden Elijah White, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding)*.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Marco Antonio De Medeiros, AA (Liberal Arts).

Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic – Diegoberto Almonte Ogando, AGS.

Sao Goncalo, Brazil – Gustavo Augusto Leal Murtha, AA (Liberal Arts).

State Center, IA – Karisa Blocker, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Autumn Ranea Ray, AA (Liberal Arts); Ashlyn Beth Watson, AA (Liberal Arts)*; and Jesse Ray Wignall, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner) Certificates (Manufacturing Welding & Manufacturing Welding – Construction)*.

Sully, IA – Derik Ryan Allbee, AAS (Machine Tool Technology Tool & Die)**.

Tama, IA – McKayla Jo Babinat, AA (Liberal Arts); Hallie Rose Brown, AAS (Computer Network Management & Technology); Jovana Maria Cancino Baeza, AA (Liberal Arts); Angelica Chavez-Alfaro, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Kadyn Pi’ikeaikalani Clark, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Esmeralda De La Torre Angel, Diploma (Dental Assisting)*; Kaylynn Marie Dunn, AA (Liberal Arts); Mariana Fonseca, AA (Liberal Arts); Kelly Ann Johnson, AA (Liberal Arts); Jessica Lea Lopez, Diploma (Medical Office Practitioner); Mark David Miller, Certificate (Natural Gas Basics); Jaylee Jocelyn Neave, AA (Liberal Arts); Jenifer Paola Nunez Ramos, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Eleina Rita Rivera, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Everet Taylor Scott, AA (Liberal Arts); Blaire Nicole Sonderleiter, AA (Liberal Arts)*; and Lexus R. Whitebreast, AA (Liberal Arts).

Tilburg, Netherlands – Lotte Maria Wilhelmina Van Malsen, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Toledo, IA – Derek John Gaydos, AAS (Natural Gas Technician) Diploma (Utility Technician) Certificates (Natural Gas Construction Skills, Natural Gas Advanced Fundamentals & Natural Gas Customer Service Skills); Saylor Hempy, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Autumn Keahna, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Damian Edwin McLeod, AA (Liberal Arts); Ericka Munoz, Diploma (Dental Assisting); Cassandra Lynne Sokol, AA (Liberal Arts); Madison Renee Stull, AA (Liberal Arts); Caitlin Nicole Svacina, AA (Liberal Arts)*; Wesley Todd Upah, AA (Liberal Arts); and Justus James Ward, AA (Liberal Arts).

Urbandale, IA – Trevor J. Fowler, AA (Liberal Arts).

Valencia, Spain – Amanda Marivic Lopez, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Valley Center, KS – Kadin Douglas Pearson, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Victoria, TX – Tyler Ross Coleman, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Vining, IA – Tiffany Marie Matney, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Wamego, KS – Carson Zenger, AGS*.

Wapello, IA – Caden Lee Talbott, Diploma (Utility Technician) Certificates (Powerline Advanced Skills Training & Powerline Basics).

Waukee, IA – Gibibari Stella Damabel, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing).

Winside, NE– Fauneil Jaye Olander, AA (Liberal Arts)*.

Marshalltown Community College, located in Marshalltown, is a member of the Iowa Valley Community College District. The District is comprised of Marshalltown Community College, Ellsworth Community College, Iowa Valley Grinnell, and Iowa Valley Continuing Education. The District serves a broad range of students and businesses throughout Central Iowa. For more information, check out the website at

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