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MCC Honors program freshman scholarships available

MARSHALLTOWN – Are you ready for a challenge? The Marshalltown Community College Honors program is now taking applications and has eight scholarships available for incoming full-time students.

The MCC Honors program challenges students to think, analyze, investigate and discover at a higher level. For students that finish the program it enhances the strength of academic transcripts, improves transfer and scholarship opportunities, provides resume enhancement and grants priority registration.

“For me, the Honors Program is so much more then extra coursework and projects. It is about seeing our students awaken their potential,” commented MCC Honors Program Coordinator, Danielle Kness. “As Thomas Edison was quoted as saying: “If we did all things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.” We look forward to helping our incoming freshman discover their potential and astound us all.”

The eight scholarships will be $750 each and will be split over two semesters. Application materials are due by June 15. Find qualifications and more information online at You can also contact MCC Honors Program Coordinator, Danielle Kness by email at

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