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MCC Dental Clinic using new intra-oral cameras

Dental Clinic intra-oral camera

MCC spring 2019 Dental Assisting students are shown using one of the new intra-oral cameras in the Dental Clinic.

The Marshalltown Community College Dental Assisting Program is now using two new intra-oral cameras in the classroom and Dental Clinic. The equipment was purchased in November with federal funding through the Carl D. Perkins Vocational and Technical Education Act of 2006.

The intra-oral cameras are a diagnostic tool that provides dentists and patients with a better view of the biting surface of the teeth. The camera images are used most often in discussing treatment planning and options.

“Patients want to know what the dentists and dental assistants are seeing on areas of the tooth that aren’t visible in the mirror,” explains Tamara Damman, MCC Dental Assisting program coordinator. “With the intra-oral cameras, we can take photos of those ‘hidden’ areas and show the photos on a computer screen in real time. It’s a great tool for showing patients exactly what the dental staff is seeing and explaining diagnoses and treatment options. The cameras are particularly helpful when dental staff diagnose cracks, which patients may not feel or may be reluctant to have repaired. A picture sometimes really is worth a thousand words!”

The intra-oral cameras cost $6,200 each and will be used extensively by the students in MCC’s Dental Assisting program.

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