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MCC/Iowa Valley to host July 19 Mass Casualty Training

The campus of Iowa Valley/Marshalltown Community College will be completely closed the afternoon of Wednesday, July 19, for a Mass Casualty Training. Participants from Marshall County Emergency Management Agency, Marshall County Sheriff’s Department, Marshalltown Police Department, Emergency Medical personnel and Iowa Valley/MCC staff will participate in a simulated casualty training event that will benefit all participants.

“We hope by getting the word out early that we will minimize any inconvenience to campus visitors,” says MCC Provost Dr. Robin Lilienthal. “In addition to helping us improve the safety and security of our own campus, this training event will benefit all the other agencies involved. It’s a rare but important training opportunity and a valuable community service.”

MCC and Iowa Valley classes and offices will be open July 19 from 8 am to noon, but at noon the campus will be completely closed to non-participants in the Mass Casualty Training exercise. Community members and passersby may notice the presence of significant numbers of law enforcement and first responder personnel on the campus during the training event.

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