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I have a great job!

Robin Lilienthal

Dr. Robin Lilienthal

By Dr. Robin Lilienthal

I am going to make a bold statement by saying that I just might have the best job in Marshall County. Despite long hours and sometimes stressful decisions, I often have to pinch myself because I can’t believe how lucky I am that I get to work with college students every day!

Our hallways and classrooms are filled with the vibrancy that comes from having 2,022 college students on campus. Our students are special because they bring the hope and enthusiasm of teenagers since 45% of them are still in high school; the experimentation and independence-seeking of young adults, who make up another 43%; and the experience and dedication of the 241 wiser adults who have returned to college.

Besides getting to spend my days with college students, I also get to work with the brightest and most dedicated group of faculty and staff whose sole focus is to provide the highest quality learning experiences and to ensure that each and every student is successful.

My job is also wonderful because I get to attend sporting events—sometimes (but not often) even during the workday. Our MCC Tigers soccer team has been consistently nationally ranked in the top 10 all season. I think it’s pretty cool to have one of the best soccer teams in the whole country right here in Marshalltown. What a great source of community pride.

I also have it pretty great because I get to attend lectures and special events that are offered to enhance our student’s learning outside of the classroom. Just today, over 120 students gathered to learn about what it’s like to be Muslim in America. While a few of our students are Muslim, most are not, yet they sat with rapt attention while they learned how our similarities are far greater than our differences.

There’s one more reason that I want to share about how lucky I am to work at MCC, and that is our strong emphasis for community service and helping those in need. It really touches my heart that 70 of our students helped local community organizations during the United Way Day of Caring, that our student-athletes got involved with Oktemberfest activities, that our faculty prepare meals at House of Compassion, that our Student Senate will host over 100 children at Pumpkin Jamboree later this month on October 26th, and that whenever we need help around campus there are plenty of hands ready to volunteer. Yep, I feel really grateful to get to work at Marshalltown Community College!

Dr. Robin Lilienthal is the Provost of Marshalltown Community College.

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