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MCC welding program creates trophies for World Nationals

Welding Trophies

MCC welding instructor John Patterson (left) and Marshalltown Speedway promoter Toby Kruse (right) stand with the 6-foot trophies.

Marshalltown Community College welding instructor John Patterson has a passion for what he does, and it’s starting to rub off on his students. This fall Patterson successfully created and designed the seven trophies used at the World Nationals held on Sept. 19 at Marshalltown Speedway.

“I had made the commitment to the Marshalltown Speedway that we would have the seven trophies done in time for World Nationals,” says Patterson. “I began making them in my shop at home so we wouldn’t miss the deadline. Turns out a few of the MCC welding students said they would like to help so I had them build the three smaller trophies.”

With four days until the races, the students had finished the fabrication on all seven pieces. Patterson’s wife, Melanie, volunteered to paint the trophies, and after three days of masking, taping, and painting, the trophies were ready to deliver.

Welding Trophy speedway

Winning driver Travis Van Straten (middle) and Patterson (right).

Marshalltown Speedway promoter Toby Kruse was blown away by the work of Patterson and the MCC students. “Toby [Kruse] let me hand out the trophies to all the winning drivers,” adds Patterson. “The drivers were amazed by the work we did and how the finished product looked. Most were shocked that they were made out of 100 percent metal.”

Patterson was pleased with the project and hopes to do things similar to this in the future.

“After all the work we did I think everyone can see we take pride in our work and our students. We teach to never give up and always keep pushing—even with a deadline fast approaching. Nothing is impossible as long as you set your mind to it and chase your passion.”

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