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Have you thought about MCC?

By Dr. Robin Shaffer Lilienthal

“Have you thought about MCC?” Those were the words that one mother told me she asked her son as he was making his college decision. It led me to wonder how many others in our communities have said the same thing to their children, grandchildren, friends, and co-workers. If you haven’t “thought” about Marshalltown Community College in a while, here’s some information you might find interesting.

  1. About a quarter of all graduating students from our service area enrolls at MCC.
  2. We offer several new and expanded career programs including gas line technician, power line technician, welding, culinary apprenticeship, and gunsmith technology.
  3. Our most popular program is liberal arts, where students typically transfer to one of the Regent’s institutions or Buena Vista University. Students who graduate with an Associate in Arts (AA) degree from MCC are 40 percent more like to graduate from a university than those who transfer before completing the degree.
  4. Health Occupations programs in practical nursing, associate degree nursing, medical assisting, and dental assisting are our most popular career and technical areas. Other top career programs include advanced manufacturing (welding, machine tool tech, electromechanical systems tech, and utility tech), computers and information technology, early childhood education, and business.
  5. We’ve improved our retention rates by 7.4 percent in the last year. Students are finding MCC a great experience and sticking with us.
  6. International experiences are easy for MCC students right here on campus because we have more than 60 students enrolled from 19 countries, and will offer a study abroad trip to Seville, Spain in May 2016 for the first time.
  7. We are proud of our students and employees who are active military or veterans, so we have created a veteran’s lounge and study space where they can access additional support and services.
  8. We specialize in helping first generation (to attend college), low-income students become college graduates through our TRIO and MEP programs. Personalized, supportive assistance is our top priority to help students navigate the college environment.
  9. Marshalltown Community College graduates acquire $12,000 to $15,000 less debt than students at public or private colleges and universities. To assist with this, our MCC Foundation granted over $236,000 in scholarships.
  10. We focus on connecting students with classmates, faculty, and staff; engaging students in their learning experiences; and ensuring they succeed in reaching their goals.

So the next time you hear “have you thought about MCC?” I hope you will be like our new student’s mother and think about all of the great opportunities that our students experience.

Dr. Robin Shaffer Lilienthal is the Provost of Marshalltown Community College.

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