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MCC seeks two YFU host families


Lea, 17, from France.

Shanglin YFU

Shanglin, 18, from the China.

Marshalltown Community College will welcome two new Youth for Understanding (YFU) international exchange students for the 2015-16 school year. Lea, 17, from France, and Shanglin, 18, from the China, are seeking a host family this fall.

Lea gets excellent grades in school and her favorite subjects are biology, English, and the arts. She hasn’t decided on her future occupation, but hopes that her time in this exchange program will help guide her towards a career path. Lea’s hobbies include playing the piano and guitar, rugby, bike riding, running, watching movies, cooking, and horseback riding. Lea has recently taken up crocheting and enjoys it very much. Lea helps out at home with keeping her room clean, meal prep and clean up, taking care of pets, and washing cars when asked. She is also very interested in doing some volunteer work while in the United States.

Shanglin is a patient, friendly 18-year-old boy from China who loves basketball, cooking, baking, and Michael Jordan. He looks forward to spending time with his host family and cooking delicious Chinese food for them. Shanglin enjoys hiking, taking care of the yard, traveling, and just relaxing and watching a movie. He is a very good student and his teachers commend him for taking education seriously and being very involved in class. Family is very important to Shanglin. He hopes to have a friendly and festive time with his host family in America. He says he will be happy to attend religious services with his host family as often as they attend.

Interested families may host a student for a semester or a year. Host families are asked to provide a safe and loving home environment including a bed, a place to study and three meals a day. Families receive $200.00 per month for hosting their student. YFU students arrive with their own spending money and health insurance, and if they choose to drive, they purchase their own vehicle and auto insurance.

In addition, children of host families are eligible to receive grants for study abroad opportunities. YFU offers summer, semester, and yearlong programs in more than 40 countries worldwide.

If you are interested in learning more about this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to welcome the world to your home, contact Rachael Koehler directly at 515-290-9931 or via email at

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