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Former MCC nursing student continues his journey at DMU

dylan_loweDylan Lowe didn’t know exactly what to do with his life after high school. After graduating from South Tama County High School in 2007, Dylan went on to study Chemical Engineering at Iowa State University. After just one year, he decided he needed a change. When he heard about Marshalltown Community College’s nursing program, he thought he’d give it a try. Now, six years later, he’s in medical school and well on his way to becoming a doctor.

“MCC was close to home and my three younger siblings, with whom I’m very close,” says Dylan Lowe. “It was also very affordable, and had smaller class sizes. The thing that stood out to me most was their highly regarded nursing program. Their reputation was outstanding around the state, and the nursing program was boasting 100% boards passage rates at the time I was considering enrolling.”

After graduating from MCC’s Licensed Practical Nursing (LPN) program, Dylan transferred to the University of Northern Iowa and began studying Biology and Biochemistry in August 2010. During the 2010-11 school year he was still taking classes at MCC online to complete his Associate’s Degree. He graduated from UNI with dual degrees in Biology and Biochemistry in 2013.

“I enjoyed the smaller class sizes, the engaged and friendly faculty, and my classmates,” says Dylan. “MCC’s nursing program gave me some great nursing skills and fantastic clinical experiences. I have a natural head start in my current field in the medical community because of the valuable experience and insight that I received as part of my nursing education and subsequent work as a nurse.”

He is currently studying medicine at Des Moines University (DMU), and plans on receiving his Doctorate of Osteopathic Medicine (D.O.) in the spring of 2017. Dylan is also considering pursuing a Master’s Degree in Public Health concurrently with his D.O. program.

“I’m thankful for the experiences and education that I received while attending MCC, and I know time spent there will continue to affect me throughout my life. It set the foundation for my future career and aspirations, and gave me great perspective on what kind of physician and person that I want to be in the future.” Dylan says he would especially like to thank Sally Wilson and Gary Fulton from the Biology department, and Shelly Larson, Fonda Hopp, Kathi May, and Ann Ersland from the Nursing department. “These people had a profound effect on my professionalism and work ethic—traits which were underappreciated and unrealized at the time.”

MCC’s nursing program takes pride in preparing its students for bigger and better things in the world of healthcare, and it shows in their NCLEX licensure exam passage rates. MCC’s Practical nursing graduates had 96 percent board passage rates in 2013 while Associate Degree in Nursing (ADN) students achieved 90 percent passage rates.

“The students that I studied with in nursing school were some of the brightest, most dedicated and caring people that I have encountered before or since. I made many lifelong friends and look forward to working with some of my nursing classmates in the future.”

PHOTO CAPTION: Dylan Lowe stands with his DMU classmates outside the simulation lab. Left to right: Edward Lin, Jenny Liu, Dana Lowry, Dylan Lowe, and Joe Longobardi.

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