Faculty & Staff

Students tell us one of best things at Iowa Valley Community College Grinnell is the staff and faculty. You will discover friendly people here who are ready to help make your experience at Iowa Valley Grinnell as enjoyable as possible. The people listed below are full-time staff and faculty at Iowa Valley Grinnell. To view the entire staff, search our IVG Online Staff Directory.

Laura Armstrong

Laura Armstrong

English & Literature Faculty

Ph: 641-269-2205
Email: Laura.Armstrong@iavalley.edu


Jodi Blackford

Student Services Office Associate

Ph: 641-269-2216
Email: Jodi.Blackford@iavalley.edu


Kelly Davis

Academic Advising Specialist

Ph: 641-269-2239
Email: Kelly.Davis@iavalley.edu

Erik Glass

Erik Glass

Automotive Technology Faculty

Ph: 641-269-2218
Email: Erik.Glass@iavalley.edu

Barbara Hall

Barbara Hall

Social Science Faculty

Ph: 641-269-2257
Email: Barbara.Hall@iavalley.edu


Beth Hotchkin

Campus Office Associate

Ph: 641-269-2206
Email: Beth.Hotchkin@iavalley.edu

Ed Jorgensen

Edward Jorgensen

Paralegal Faculty

Ph: 641-269-2207
Email: Edward.Jorgensen@iavalley.edu

Eric Kiesler

Eric Kiesler

Gunsmith Technology Faculty

Ph: 641-269-2204
Email: Eric.Kiesler@iavalley.edu

MaryAnne Nickle

MaryAnne Nickle


Ph: 641-269-2202
Email: MaryAnne.Nickle@iavalley.edu

The Iowa Valley Grinnell campus is located at 123 6th Ave. West, Grinnell.  Schedule a visit by calling 641-236-0513 or emailing grinnellinfo@iavalley.edu.