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Liberal Arts Degree

The Associate of Arts (AA) degree is generally considered our best transferable degree because it is designed with versatility in mind. The AA degree is a “Liberal Arts” degree, with a broad educational focus including an elective category that provides opportunities to explore college-level course offerings and/or to focus more specifically on major course prerequisites and requirements.

The following is an outline of the requirements for the AA degree. Your academic advisor will help clarify the specific requirements for the degree, and whether or not a different credential is better suited for your educational interests and goals.

Transferable Liberal Arts AA Degree
Communications courses 9 credit hours
Humanities courses 9 credit hours
Social/Behavioral Science courses 9 credit hours
Math/Science courses 10 credit hours
Computer Education course 3 credit hours
Physical Education course(s) 2 credit hours
Elective courses 22 credit hours
TOTAL 64 credit hours

Current Associate of Arts degree checklist (pdf)

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