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Degree Programs in Grinnell


Students can earn MCC college credits right here in Grinnell! Check out these programs offered entirely on the Iowa Valley Grinnell campus. Click here for a complete list of the programs offered at both Marshalltown Community College/Iowa Valley Grinnell.

Liberal Arts & Sciences transfer degree

Nearly 85% of our students earn a transferable Liberal Arts Associate of Arts (AA) degree because they’re assured that the credits will transfer easily to nearly all Iowa colleges and universities, as well as many other institutions in the Midwest.

Automotive Repair Technology

Automotive service technicians and mechanics can anticipate increasing employment opportunities projected through 2024, with several nearby states having even higher employment growth rates than Iowa. Dealerships in Central Iowa are in need of a trained and dedicated workforce; many employers will invest in further certification training for those on their payroll. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the 2015 (most recent year for which data is available) median pay for automotive service technicians and mechanics nationwide was $37,850; the typical entry-level education required is a one-year college diploma. Iowa Valley Grinnell offers a one-year diploma program and a two-year Associate of Applied Science degree in Automotive Repair Technology.

Business Administration

If you’re interested in exploring the field of business, Business Administration is the right program for you. Whether you’re interested in sales, management training, small business operations or a related field, this program teaches students how to succeed.  Current “hot careers” in business include Statistician, Financial Advisor, Actuary, Operations Research Analyst, Medical/Health Services Manager, Business Operations Manager, Cost Estimator, Human Resources Specialist, Compliance Officer, and many more. (NOTE: Some Business Administration classes must be taken at the MCC campus in Marshalltown.)


The 3-year, part-time Culinary Apprenticeship program at Iowa Valley Grinnell includes classroom training plus a 6,000-hour apprenticeship (registered with the U.S. Department of Labor). Classes are held on Mondays at the Grinnell College catering kitchen, which allows students to work the rest of the week in the field gaining valuable experience while getting paid for their work.

Gunsmith Technology

Gunsmith Technology is a program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to make, repair, maintain, and modify firearms according to blueprints or customer specifications, using specialized hand tools and machines. Iowa Valley Grinnell’s two-year Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree program provides highly sophisticated training to students interested in pursuing careers as technicians in the firearms manufacturing and distribution industry and for businesses working with the U.S. military. Graduates may become a gunsmith working in a variety of gun shops, sporting goods stores, gun manufacturers, and their own business. According to, the average wage for gunsmiths nationwide is $32,074 on a scale ranging from $23,340 to $61,426.

Iowa Valley Grinnell’s Gunsmith Technology students also gain valuable experience repairing firearms of all types that are brought to our Gunsmith Tech Repair Shop.

The Iowa Valley Grinnell campus is located at 123 6th Ave. West, Grinnell.  Schedule a visit by calling 641-236-0513 or emailing

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