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Network & Internet


Marshalltown Community College currently offers WiFi network access in all residence complexes. The official wireless network in the residence halls is: MCCmain

Important notes about the wireless network in the residential complexes:

  • The wireless network is an add-on for convenience and mobility. It is not considered a replacement for the wired network connection in your room. In essence, when you choose to use the wireless network, you are choosing mobility over speed and reliability.
  • The wireless network is best used for low-bandwidth applications such as email, instant messaging and web browsing.
  • If you are downloading or streaming music/movies, playing online games or engaging in other high-bandwidth or low-latency activities, we strongly recommend that you use the wired network.

I have my own access point or wireless router; may I setup my own wireless network connection in my room? Answer: No.

  • Marshalltown Community College’s policy prohibits the use of unauthorized wireless access points. Unauthorized wireless access points are defined as wireless access points which are not managed by the College’s Network Operations group. Unauthorized (or rogue) wireless access points may conflict with the College’s wireless network, and they pose a substantial security risk to the College’s network.
  • Marshalltown Community College will periodically scan the Residential Network for unauthorized wireless access points. Network access will be suspended for any user found in violation of College policy.

I can see other wireless networks besides “the Residential Network”… may I use them?

  • These networks are not supported by Marshalltown Community College and may be unsafe. If you choose to use them, you do so at your own risk.
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