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High School Counselors

Welcome Counselors! Students depend on your advice for all types of questions when it comes to continuing their education. The following forms, dual credit resources, programs of study, transfer guides and partnership agreements will help you help your students take their next step toward getting to Marshalltown Community College.

If at any point you can’t find what you need, just call us at 641-844-5710 or 866-622-4748 or email

Course Schedules are the most up-to-date using our online PAWPASS portal; the PAWPASS link is at the top of all of our website pages.

Check this year’s academic calendar for registration deadlines, drop dates, etc.

Forms to help students get to MCC

Dual Credit Resources

Concurrent Enrollment Program (CEP) by school:

Programs of Study, Transfer Guides & Partnerships

Admissions Staff, Campus Visits & Contact Information

Coordinator of High School Relations

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