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Social Success

International students around BBQ

You are encouraged to make connections with students from other cultures, from the U.S.A. and other countries.  This will add to your learning and, for those whose first language is not English, improve your English speaking and understanding. Get to know your neighbors living on campus and students in classes. An on-campus job can lead to connections with students and staff members.  Join a club (, whether it is related to your future career or for social purposes.


It is important to be aware of and obey campus policies.  The MCC Student Handbook may be found here:  Two important policies that apply to everyone are the alcohol policy and the smoking policy.

  • Alcohol Policy:  In the U.S.A., individuals must be 21 years of age or older to consume alcohol. On campus, alcohol is only allowed at on-campus functions sanctioned by the chancellor or her designee. Alcohol is not allowed in the on-campus apartments, whether or not the student is 21.
  • Smoking Policy: Smoking and use of e-cigarettes are not allowed anywhere on campus.


Treats Around the World gives MCC students, faculty, and staff an opportunity to sample snacks, listen to music, and learn about the home country of some MCC students. Each month, a different country is featured. There is no formal presentation, but the format gives guests a chance to mingle and ask questions about the featured country.


Culture Saturdays are day trips to sites within 2 ½ hours of Marshalltown that are sponsored by International Students and Programs. While these programs are designed primarily for international students, other MCC students are welcome to attend. Culture Saturdays give an opportunity to learn about the local area and to interact with students from other backgrounds. Past trips have included the Iowa State Capital, the Iowa History Museum, and the Tulip Time festival in Pella, Iowa.


Marshalltown does have stores to buy food, clothing, housewares, toiletries, and other necessities. Shopping Saturdays provide additional shopping options through day trips to shopping venues within 1.5 hours of Marshalltown.


Sunday Dinners Out give international students and friends the opportunity to try new restaurants in the area for the Sunday noon meal (which is a time that the MCC cafeteria is not serving).


Sometimes students need someone to talk with about loneliness, relationships, stress, or other difficulties. The Student Assistance Program is a free, on-campus, confidential counseling service for MCC students. Two part-time counselors serve the campus, by appointment or on a drop-in basis as available. The Student Assistance Program is designed for short-term counseling, which typically means one to four sessions, but can provide referrals for longer-term services. To schedule an appointment, contact Nancy Adams in room 211 or at 641-844-5753.  Our second part-time counselor, Nick Calzada, is available every Tuesday from 1 to 4:30 pm in room 211.


Buses in Marshalltown

Most Marshalltown Municipal Transit bus routes are run once per hour.  You will receive a paper copy of the bus schedule at orientation or find it online at (map) and

Taxi Cabs in Marshalltown

Marshalltown has two taxi companies. Taxis generally take a while to arrive, so call in advance. You can ask for an estimate of the trip cost when you reserve your taxi.  Make sure you know the address of where you want to be picked up and the address of your destination.

  • Big Dog Cab & Shuttle        (515) 249-8292
  • Cabs of Marshalltown         (641) 753-3399

There is currently no Uber or Lyft service available in Marshalltown. 


An international driver’s license is intended to be used only temporarily. You must obtain an Iowa driver’s license if you plan to drive during your time at MCC. You are responsible for knowing the laws regarding driving and vehicle ownership. Iowa law requires that all drivers must have auto insurance.


Buses to/from Marshalltown

Burlington Trailways offers daily bus service from the Marshalltown McDonalds. Time and price information may be found at the Trailways website, More options for time and better prices are available from Des Moines, Iowa. Note that an International Students and Programs staff member will take you to the Des Moines Bus Station or meet you there if given enough notice and if available at that time.


The Des Moines airport offers flights on Allegiant, American, Delta, Frontier, Southwest, and United airlines. Note that an International Students and Programs staff member will take you to the Des Moines airport or meet you there if given enough notice and if available at that time.

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