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Transfer to Iowa, Iowa State, or UNI

Are you planning to transfer to one of the three Regent universities (Iowa, Iowa State, UNI) in Iowa?

If so, then the Admissions Partnership Program is essential to effectively build your long-term collegiate educational path. This program, established with MCC by our three Iowa Regent universities, formalizes an early transfer connection, and helps students take a proactive approach to understanding the full scope of their educational needs.

Early planning by students plays a significant role in helping the transfer process go smoothly. This happens best through communication between the student, MCC, and the Regent university, to help ensure students are aware of course requirements and standards that can be completed, or prepared for, while at the community college level. See the IVCCD “Admissions Partnership Program” informational brochure.

Follow the links (below) for more specific information, and to officially apply. NOTE: Be sure to let your MCC advisor know that you have applied for the same.


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