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Honors Seminars

Fall Semester

BIO 927 M1H – HS: Take a Hike and Park It!
Teacher: Sally Wilson
Date/Time: Monday 6 – 8 pm – 1st  Half of Semester

Course Description: Recent research reveals that living near a greater diversity of birds makes people happier than increasing income. This and many other surprising benefits of getting back to nature will be discussed. Information about parks, both local and national, will be shared. Guidance on how to get out into the parks and enjoy them safely and respectfully will be demonstrated. Get those hiking shoes out, because we WILL go outside. And we will also learn trail snack best practices, and how to leave-no-trace.

LIT 927 M2H – HS: Cliffhangers and Close Calls:  Deconstructing Detective Fiction    
Teacher: P.J.Colbert
Date/Time: Monday 6 – 8 pm – 2nd  Half Semester
Room 527

Course Description:  This course deconstructs detective fiction in print, television, and film. From classic detective mysteries to police procedurals to contemporary thrillers, we will explore the conventions and the fact and fiction of detective stories.

Spring Semester

MAT 927  M1H  –  HS: Math Myth Busters
Teacher: Mark Monroe
Date/Time:  Tuesday and Thursday 9 – 9:50 am  – 1st Half of Semester
Room: 527

Course Description: An exploration of critical thinking skills used to take evidence or arguments and think about them in a logical, sensible way, in order to form conclusions or inferences. An assortment of challenges will be placed before the class. Students are expected to discuss and collaborate as challenges are solved, and to present findings.

ART 927 M2H – HS: Controversial Art
Teacher: Tim Castle
Date/Time: Friday 2:00 – 3:50 p.m. – 2nd Half of Semester
Room: 527

Course Description:  An inquiry into art that has created public controversy in the 20th and 21st centuries.  Includes the ideas and perceptions of those for and against.

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