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Honors Seminars

Fall Semester

SOC 927 M1H –  HS: Ghosts and Monsters in U.S. Society
Teacher: Brian Agitsch
Date/Time:  M 6:00 – 7:50 pm

Course Description:  This honors seminar will explore the place ghosts and monsters fill in U.S. Society.  Students will explore popular beliefs surrounding ghosts and monsters to develop an educated opinion on the subject.  This will include looking at beliefs that support their existence and those that do not believe in their existence.

NET 927 M2H – HS: Intro to Video Game Development
Teacher: Travis Bloomquist
Date/Time: Tuesday & Thursday 4:40 – 5:35 pm

Course Description: Students will learn to utilize several video game creation tools to create their own games. Topics covered will include art asset creation, sound creation, basic game design and planning, light programming using c# and the Unity game engine.  Students will work as a team and distribute the responsibilities required to create a small game together during the course.  Expected outcomes will include the students’ ability to understand different image formats, resolutions and aspect ratios, platform targeting, sound basics, unity project setups, basic animation, how to create a basic game design document and introductory programming concepts.

Spring Semester

HUM 927  M1H  –  HS: Mexico, Food, and the U.S.
Teacher: Theresa Orlovsky
Date/Time: Friday, 1 – 2:50 pm

Course Description: This class will explore the differences between traditional food eaten within Mexico and the forms it has taken within the United States. It will also explore issues of equity, justice, and immigration in United States farm labor and food production and their reliance on Mexican immigrants to sustain them.

MAT 927 M2H – HS: Sports Analytics
Teacher:Bobby Elam
Date/Time: Tuesday 1:00 – 2:50 p.m.

Course Description:  The class will discuss the theory, development, and application of analytics in sports. Students will learn about the application of analytics in sports for purposes of in-game strategy, player performance, team management, sports operations, and fantasy competitions, among many other topics.

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