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Honors Seminars

Fall 2019 – 2nd Half of Semester

Instructor: Steve Muntz
Name: HUM 927 M2H:  HS  Social Media Marketing
Time:  Tues/Thurs  2:30 to 3:25 pm (10/21 – 12/13)
Room: Helio Portes (307)
Course Description: Students will learn how to produce a variety of content that engages an online audience.   By using, text, pictures, audio and video students will produce content that is intended for an audience using smart phones, tablets and other devices.  Students will not only learn how to use social media responsibly but will understand how to effectively convey a message, tell a story and market products and ideas to an audience.

Spring 2020 – 1st Half of Semester

Instructor: Sally Wilson & Jason Poock
Name:  Surrounded by Chemistry
Time:   Thursday 2:30 – 4:30 pm  from  1/13/2020-3/6/2020
Room:  509
Course Description:  A look at Chemistry in the Environment.   Will include discussions, videos, and hands on activities.

Spring 2020- 2nd Half of Semester

Instructor: Nancy Adams
Name: PSY 927 M2H:  HS Jean Seberg: Inspired/Inspiring
Thursday  1- 2:55 pm 3/16/2020 –5/7/2020
Room: 527
Course Description: Jean Seberg was born and raised in Marshalltown, Iowa and became an international icon whose talent(s), courage and beauty inspire still.  Beginning with a survey of the times in which she lived, this course will illuminate the ways in which she was influenced by and embraced, then challenged and helped shape social mores and conventions.

Spring 2020 – 2nd Half of Semester

Instructor: Cecil Holland
Name:  HIS M2H  – HS: WWI: End of Continental Empires
Time:   M 4-5:50 pm from 3/16/2020 –5/7/2020
Room: 527
Course Description:  At the close of the First World War all four of the major continental empires along the Eastern Front (the Russian, Austro-Hungarian, Ottoman, and German empires) in Europe had collapsed in national and social revolutions. This course delves into facets of what Sir Winston Churchill referred to as “The Unknown War” on the Eastern Front. We will begin with a synopsis of the origins and military history of the war, then, much like the war itself, we quickly move to problems of society and their interconnections with the war. This course examines the interconnectedness between war, nationality and, revolution in the Russian, German, Austro-Hungarian, and Ottoman empires.

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