Utility Technician


The Utility Technician field employs people involved with the generation, distribution, or use of electrical or gas utilities. These workers should have a mechanical aptitude along with knowledge of mathematics, computers, electronic equipment, and map and schematic reading.

With just a 2-year degree, you can earn a base pay of $70,000 per year!

  • Every day you’re doing something new.
  • In the next few years, approximately 400-500 utility technicians will retire in Iowa.
  • Can stay in Iowa or travel the country.

Bottom line: if you graduate from our program, we can almost guarantee you a job.

“5 of our 8 second-year students have jobs already, and we’re not even finished with the first semester.” – Ron Estabrook, UT instructor (gas line)

“People don’t realize how much money you can make with just a 2-year degree.” – Mike Hembry, UT instructor (power line)

Utilities Industry Working to Attract Young People in ‘Graying-Out’ Workforce (news spot featuring our instructor, Ron Estabrook)


Students will take classes that provide a general overview of the Utility Technician field and then are able to choose training in specific areas of the field: Electric or Gas. Choose either the diploma option (One year to a career!) or the 2-year AAS degree tracks.

Degrees offered:

  • 1-year Diploma
  • 2-year AAS – Powerline Tech
  • 2-year AAS – Natural Gas Tech


Those employed in this area would be working at an Electric Utility, Rural Electric Cooperative, Municipal Utility or as a Utility Construction Contractor. Work performed would include construction, retirement, maintenance, replacement, repairs and operation of underground and overhead electric conductors, structures and related equipment.


Those employed in this area would be working at an Electric/Gas Utility, Rural Gas Cooperative, Municipal Utility, Utility Construction Contractor. Work performed would include installing, maintaining, and operation of natural gas plastic and steel mains, services, and related equipment to provide natural gas service to customers.

Degree Requirements