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Nursing, Practical (PN)

Applications for the Practical Nursing program are accepted throughout the year, with a new class beginning each fall.Last Dollar Scholarship

PN Curriculum

When student has been officially accepted into the Practical Nursing program, each student will take these courses:

PNN113 Fundamentals of Nursing 6.5 credits Fall Term (16 weeks)
PNN404 Introduction to Behavioral Health 3 credits Fall Term (16 weeks)
PNN231 Pharmacology 3 credits Fall (16 weeks)
PNN427 Introduction to Maternal Childcare 2 credits Spring Term (16 weeks)
PNN537 Introduction to Medical Surgical Nursing of the Adult 11 credits Spring Term (16 weeks)
PNN544 Transitions to Practical Nursing Practice 4 credit Summer (5 weeks)

Clinical Requirements

Practical Nursing students must complete clinical rotations while in the program. The total number of clinical hours required for the entire Practical Nursing program is broken down between six different clinical rotations and a preceptorship at the end of the program. Each student will gain clinical experience in the areas of Medical Surgical Nursing, Obstetrics, Pediatrics and Geriatrics in both the hospital and long-term care settings. Clinical rotations are taught by full-time nursing faculty and adjunct clinical nursing faculty.

Degree(s) Awarded

Nursing Advisor

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