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  • A two-year Biology Associate in Science Transfer Major (AS) for those who want to transfer their MCC credits and complete a baccalaureate/bachelor’s degree at a university.

The link under Degrees Awarded (below) specify our different program course requirements.

Careers associated with Biology:

List of classes:

  • BIO105 Introductory Biology AA Approved
  • BIO112 General Biology I AA Approved
  • BIO113 General Biology II AA Approved
  • BIO138 Field Ecology
  • BIO151 Nutrition AA Approved
  • BIO168 Human Anatomy and Physiology I AA Approved
  • BIO173 Human Anatomy and Physiology II AA Approved
  • BIO186 Microbiology AA Approved
  • BIO192 Laboratory Technology I
  • BIO193 Laboratory Technology 2
  • BIO532 Human Body: Health and Disease
  • BIO741 PLTW Prin. Biomedical Science
  • BIO907 Co-op Field Experience
  • BIO917 Experimental Course
  • BIO927 Honors Study
  • BIO929 Individual Projects
  • ENV120 Environmental Biology  AA Approved
  • ENV 122 Environmental Biology AA Approved
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