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Jean Seberg Festival (Nov. 3-5)

2017 Jean Seberg Festival graphic

Friday, Nov. 3

($15 cost, all events included)
5:30 pm Building opens/art exhibit & black book display open
6-7:30 pm Opening reception & Awards Ceremony, Amy & Adams music (Black Box)
7:45-9:15 pm Reader’s Theater: Scenes from Sabrina Fair & Stardust directed by David Engle (Movie Theater)

  • David Engel is Professor of Speech/Theater/Film at Marshalltown Community College. He received his BA in Speech and Dramatic Arts from the University of Iowa and his MA in Theater/Directing from the University of South Carolina. For his master’s thesis, he directed Sam Shepard’s “The Tooth of Crime” and wrote the entry on Shepard for the prestigious Dictionary of Literary Biography. He worked with South Carolina Public Television, performing in a number of police training videos and other educational films. He was a founding member of “Anstie’s Limit,” an acting troupe which was awarded a Presidential Citation for Excellence for performing alcohol and drug abuse shows in prisons, schools and retirement facilities throughout South Carolina. As Speech and Theater Director at MCC, he has directed and performed in a number of shows both on campus and off. David contributed as writer and performer in Duck’s Breath Mystery Theater’s Dr. Science Meets Nunzilla (playing the nun, of course).

Saturday, Nov. 4

(Activities are free unless otherwise noted)
9:30 am Building opens/art exhibit & black book display open
10-11:30 am Roundtable: Jean Forever Relevant with moderator Cedric Pulford (Black Box)

  • Cedric Pulford is an acclaimed writer and journalist. In a 40-year newspaper career he worked on major titles including the Guardian and the Daily Telegraph in the UK and the Plain Dealer in Cleveland, Ohio. He has authored 10 books on diverse subjects including ‘binge flying’ (or aviation’s threat to the environment) and the colonization of Africa. As a student editor at Oxford University, Cedric gave Jean Seberg an early break in what might have become her second career when she wrote an article for his magazine, Oxford Opinion. He represents the interests of the festival in Europe year-round in a variety of ways, from gathering tributes by those who worked with Jean to translating materials about her from the French. This is Cedric’s fourth time in Marshalltown to attend the Jean Seberg festival.

11:45-1 pm Guided Legacy Tour led by Jeanine Loros (Cost $5) Attendees will be driven to see more than 10 places in Marshalltown instrumental to Jean’s formative years and her legacy. Tour highlights include the 13th St. location of the famed Seberg Pharmacy; the homes where Jean and her siblings were raised; the house on Church St. that Jean purchased for MCC’s African-American basketball players; Riverside Cemetery where her parents, her brother (David) and her baby (Nina) rest, and more. Tour narrated by Jeanine Loros, lifelong Marshalltown resident and contemporary of Jean’s.  For those who wish to take the tour at their leisure, fully detailed maps and narratives are provided.
“Memories of Jean” is a feature offered twice during the weekend in one of the learning studios at the Orpheum. Attendees will have the opportunity to be share their thoughts and/or words about Jean on video. Those who know Jean through only her film and/or endless presence in popular culture are likewise encouraged to participate. MCC’s Steve Muntz will be filming. This opportunity is offered at no charge.

1:15-2:15 pm Symposium: “Rebel Without a Pause” with speaker Jude Rawlins (Black Box)

  • Jude Rawlins is a musician, filmmaker, writer and poet based in London. Best known as guitarist in the Lene Lovich Band and as frontman of English art-rock group Subterraneans, he is also chairman of the William Blake Society and founder of the Jean Seberg website, now in its 17th year. His films include the features Albion Rising (2009); and Songs of Alchemy (2015), which was nominated for the best newcomer award at the 2016 Los Angeles Film Festival; and the short film The Divine Image (2016), which was chosen to play alongside the films of Ken Russell at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival in 2016. He is currently developing screenplays with collaborators including author and music writer Zoe Howe and poet Clover Peake, and was recently granted permission by the estate of Igor Stravinsky to create a film based on The Rite of Spring. He has also written a psychological thriller specifically for Dame Janet Suzman. 

2:30-4:30 pm Film: “Diamonds Are Brittle” followed by Q & A with Director Nicolas Gessner (Movie Theater, Cost $6)

  • Nicolas Gessner is a renowned film director and writer whose work has won multiple awards in both Europe and the United States. His documentaries were twice selected for the Cannes Film Festival and received an Oscar nomination. He made his debut as a feature film director with Un Milliard dans un billard (Diamonds Are Brittle), 1965, starring Jean Seberg. A stalwart supporter of Jean ever since, he says her name and support got the picture off the ground and helped turn it into a hit. Gessner, Hungarian by birth, naturalized Swiss, is equally at home in Hollywood, where he scored a major success with The Little Girl Who Lives Down the Lane, 1976, with Jodie Foster, which won an array of awards. He is also a theater, opera and television director, and after more than half a century in pictures has embraced the challenges of computer-generated imagery (CGI).

6 – 8:15 pm Screening: “Paint Your Wagon” (Movie Theater, Cost $6)

Sunday, Nov. 5

($6 cost, all events included)
9:30 am Building opens/art exhibit & black book display open
9:30-10:30 am “Sights and Sounds of Previous Festivals” (Movie Theater)
10-10:30 am Second offering, “Memories of Jean” experience (see description above)
10:30-11:45 am Film: “Eternelle” (Movie Theater)
11:45 am Announcement of “People’s Choice” winner, closing remarks