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Marshalltown Education Partnership awards record number of scholarships

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Twenty-seven seniors in the Marshalltown Education Partnership (MEP) program at Marshalltown High School will be awarded scholarships to attend Marshalltown Community College in the fall. The qualifying MEP students earned a high school grade point average of 2.75 or higher and attended MHS classes 95% of the time to receive the scholarships.

2018 MEP Scholarship recipients are Pedro Andrade, Julio Avalos, Julieta Cano, Anna Carlson, Salvador Contreras, Ana Garcia, Moises Garcia, Juan Guevara, Ian Hernandez, Nanci Hernandez Barajas, Ibeth Herrera Maldonado, Luis Ledesma, Macey Lolwing, Ruby Lopez, Saul Magana, Brenda Mendoza, Maria Mendoza Piceno, Cartory Miller, Isabel Paredes, Francisco Ramirez Rodriguez, Felipa Ramos, Stephanie Sanchez, Richard Thomas, Alexis Torres, Daniel Vargas Tapia, Alejandro Victor, and Rosa Yanez.

According to MEP Program Coordinator Marisol Garcia, the goal of MEP is to make college education a possibility for all MHS graduates. All MEP students are first-generation college students, meaning neither parent has completed a bachelor’s degree. While they’re in high school, MEP participants create a portfolio that’s used during the college application process, receive guidance in the college application and FAFSA process, participate in small group meetings, and explore careers and colleges. The students sign a Commitment to Excellence Contract before the end of their first semester in 9th grade and must complete all MEP program requirements during their high school years.

The MEP Scholarships cover 50% of tuition at MCC for a maximum of 64 credit hours over 36 months. At today’s tuition rate, the maximum value of the scholarship is $5,376 per students. Scholarship recipients may enroll in any certificate, diploma or associate degree program at MCC.

“Members of the Marshalltown Education Partnership Board believe that tomorrow’s community leaders and future workforce will come from the talented young people currently enrolled in Marshalltown schools,” says Garcia. “They are committed to helping these students with the resources they need to finish high school and obtain a college education. This contributes to local economic development efforts through the increased earning power of MEP high school graduates and college-educated workers.”

MEP Steering Committee members are David Barajas, Terry Buzbee, Nate Chua, Paul and Karn Gregoire, John Landherr, Robin Lilienthal, Luis Meza, Gina Ruddock, Theron Schutte, Stacey Santillán, Kevin Swartz, Christopher Wertzberger, Dustin Wright, and Jacque Wyant. Founding MEP sponsors are Cartwright, Druker & Ryden; Emerson Process Management/Fisher Controls; JBS Swift & Co.; Lennox Manufacturing; Marshalltown Community College; Marshalltown Community School District; Martha-Ellen Tye Foundation; UnityPoint Health-Marshalltown, and Wolfe Eye Clinic.

A recognition banquet to present the scholarships and honor the recipients will be held May 31 at MCC.

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