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MCC Summer 2017 graduates announced

On Friday, May 5, graduates of Marshalltown Community College took their next step as they became alumni of the College. Graduates listed below represent those who completed their degree or diploma work during the summer 2017 terms.

Graduates are listed by their hometown, followed by the degree/diploma awarded (AA is Associate of Arts, AGS is Associate of General Studies and AAS is Associate of Applied Science), and the students’ majors. Symbols following the names signify the following: **4.0 GPA, *Honors, 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher.

Albion, IA – Vincent D. Zavala-Livengood*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Ames, IA – Jackie Tuck III, AAS (Powerline Technician).

Ankeny, IA – Cassidy S. Cullen, AA (Liberal Arts).

Brooklyn, IA – Tyieshia M. Arp, Diploma (Dental Assisting).

Chelsea, IA – Mahala J. Doyle*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Collins, IA – Kayla M. Toney, AA (Liberal Arts).

Conrad, IA – Elizabeth M. Anderson, AA (Liberal Arts); Jennifer L. Homeyer, Diploma (Practical Nursing); and Amber Storjohann, Diploma (Practical Nursing).

Coquitlam, British Columbia, Canada – Paige M. Taylor*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Des Moines, IA – Yahaira Espinosa, AA (Liberal Arts) and Alexis D. Larson, AA (Liberal Arts).

Garwin, IA – Anna R. Scheidel, Diploma (Practical Nursing) and Elick Verdulla, AAS (Electro-Mechanical Systems Technologist).

Grinnell, IA – Kevin J. Grimes, AAS (Electro-Mechanical Systems Technologist); Miranda Hall, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Dustin J. Patten*, AAS (Automotive Repair Technology); and Rachel D. Pinkerton, Diploma (Dental Assisting).

Haverhill, IA – Allyssa R. Angle*, Diploma (Medical Assistant).

Kearney, NE – Allison J. Ebersole, AA (Liberal Arts).

Kellogg, IA – Rykiel A. Reeser, Diploma (Medical Assistant).

Le Grand, IA – Leslie C. Krough*, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Addy M. Short, Diploma (Medical Assistant); and Courtney A. Stephens*, Diploma (Practical Nursing).

Lynnville, IA – Selina K. Tefft, AA (Liberal Arts).

Marshalltown, IA – Steven J. Adelmund*, AA (Liberal Arts); Jose M. Alvarez, Diploma (Dental Assisting); Jennifer Avalos, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Sophie N. Baccam, Diploma (Dental Assisting); Adam J. Bailey*, AA (Liberal Arts); Grace A. Bandstra*, AA (Liberal Arts); Shevaun Bastarache, AAS (Electro-Mechanical Systems Technologist); Jill A. Braye*, AA (Liberal Arts); Lee D. Bryant*, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Jennica J. Bunn, Diploma (Dental Assisting); Briana J. Castellanos, AA (Liberal Arts); Ashley N. Chavez, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Jazmin Diaz-Gutierrez, AA (Liberal Arts); Taryn K. Eich, AA (Liberal Arts); Derrick M. Garth, AAS (Electro-Mechanical Systems Technologist); Carl J. Giannetto, AAS (Broadcasting/Digital Media); Gerardo V. Guido, AA (Liberal Arts); Ma Ha, AAS (Automotive Repair Technology); Melissa Hernandez, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Katelyn D. Himschoot, Diploma (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner); Eh Kue Htoo, Diploma (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner); Norma J. Ibarra, Diploma (Dental Assisting); Haley A. Kilborn, Diploma (Dental Assisting); Kaw La, AAS (Automotive Repair Technology); Lee Lia, Diploma (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner); Min N. Lin, AAS (Automotive Repair Technology); Max E. Mancieri, AA (Liberal Arts); Sandy Ordaz, AA (Liberal Arts); August Paw, AAS (Automotive Repair Technology); Hser Moo Paw, AA (Liberal Arts); Julissa Ramirez, Diploma (Dental Assisting); Berenice Ramirez Gallardo, Diploma (Dental Assisting); Nicolasa Ramos, AAS (Accounting); Crystal J. Regalado, Diploma (Dental Assisting); Allison L. Roberts, AA (Liberal Arts); Danielle R. Roberts, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Victoria G. Sanchez, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Guadalupe J. Santoyo*, AA (Liberal Arts); Joshua B. Sowers, AA (Liberal Arts); Nancy Tellez, Diploma (Dental Assisting); Logan Thompson, AA (Computer Network Management); Sadie E. Wagner, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Brittany L. Waldron, AA (Liberal Arts); Ramona K. Williams*, Diploma (Medical Assistant); Logan J. Woods, AAS (Automotive Repair Technology); Jennifer Zarate, Diploma (Medical Assistant); and Roxana Zazueta*, Diploma (Dental Assisting).

Melbourne, IA – Julie D. Lanning, AA (Liberal Arts); Megan R. Lanning*, AA (Liberal Arts); Justin D. Parker*, Diploma (Practical Nursing); and Levi Smith, AA (Liberal Arts).

Mitchellville, IA – Amy R. Bush, Diploma (Practical Nursing).

Mt. Auburn, IA – Raini E. Hilmer, AA (Liberal Arts).

Nevada, IA – Lydia J. Herzberg*, Diploma (Practical Nursing).

Newton, IA – Haidi Harban*, AA (Liberal Arts) and Katelyn S. Nehring*, Diploma (Medical Assistant).

Norwalk, IA – Elesha E. Eggert, AA (Liberal Arts).

Spencer, IA – Karlee K. Schnell, Diploma (Dental Assisting).

State Center, IA – Andrew T. Wright, AA (Liberal Arts).

Tama, IA – Jayde E. Roberts, AA (Liberal Arts).

Toledo, IA – Nathaniel D. Copsey, AA (Liberal Arts); Jesus Corral*, Diploma (Automotive Repair Technician Practitioner); and McKenna J. Knock*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Victor, IA – Rebecca A. Wright*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Waterloo, IA – MicCah D. Mohorne, AGS (Associate of General Studies).

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