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MCC Fall 2016-Spring 2017 graduates announced

On Friday, May 5, graduates of Marshalltown Community College took their next step as they became alumni of the College. Graduates listed below represent those who completed their degree or diploma work during the fall 2016 term and spring 2017 terms; those who complete their degree requirements this summer will be announced in late July.

Graduates are listed by their hometown, followed by the degree/diploma awarded (AA is Associate of Arts, AS is Associate of Science, AGS is Associate of General Studies and AAS is Associate of Applied Science), and the students’ majors. Symbols following the names signify the following: **4.0 GPA, *Honors, 3.5 cumulative GPA or higher.

Ackley, IA – Marjean R. Clemons*, AAS (Paralegal) and Cindy K. Ketelsen, Diploma (Practical Nursing).

Albion, IA – Joshua R. Clawson, AA (Liberal Arts).

Altoona, IA – Shannon C. Uglum*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Amadora, Portugal – Rafael Pereira*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Ames, IA – Brayden Agnitsch, AA (Liberal Arts).

Ankeny, IA – Joseph M. Monosmith*, AA (Liberal Arts) and Rieley M. Rodman, AA (Liberal Arts).

Arcadia, IA – Noah E. Wittrock, AAS (Gunsmith Technology).

Banjul, Gambia – Ismaila Ceesay, AA (Liberal Arts).

Beaman, IA – Tryston C. Adelmund*, AA (Liberal Arts); Molly C. Barker*, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); and Nicholas R. Hutchens*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Belle Plaine, IA – Cody A. Frimml*, Certificate & Diploma (Manufacturing Welding).

Brooklyn, IA – Shelby C. Aman*, AAS (Early Childhood Education); Abigail Felix, AA (Liberal Arts); and Dalton E. Smith, Certificate & Diploma (Manufacturing Welding).

Brooklyn Park, MN – Sirleaf Wiah, AA (Computer Network Management).

Caracas, Venezuela – Jesus A. Jimenez, AA (Computer Science/MIS) and Snayder J. Ruiz Garcia, AA (Athletic Training).

Cedar Rapids, IA – Greig Duo, Diploma (Utility Technician).

Centerville, IA – Russell D. Bauer*, AAS (Powerline Technician) and Joshua L. Cortesio, Diploma (Utility Technician).

Chariton, IA – Matthew A. Brown*, Diploma (Utility Technician).

Chelsea, IA – Bo G. Blocker, Diploma (Utility Technician); Kathrine L. Doran*, AA (Liberal Arts); Mahala J. Doyle*, AA (Liberal Arts); and Charles Kaufman, AAS (Powerline Technician).

Colfax, IA – Sean M. Borts, Diploma (Utility Technician).

Conrad, IA – Ashley Bond, AA (Liberal Arts); Victoria J. Lingo, AA (Liberal Arts); Nicole A. Montgomery, AA (Liberal Arts); and Derek A. Schiebel, AA (Liberal Arts).

Crystal, MN – James B. Harris, AA (Liberal Arts).

Dallas, IA – Kimberly Broughton, AAS (Early Childhood Education).

Dayton, IA – Harold K. Murray, AAS (Gunsmith Technology).

Des Moines, IA – Jalen M. Horton, AA (Liberal Arts); Lexie Marie Valentine, AA (Liberal Arts); and Marcus Wittmer, AA (Liberal Arts).

Eldora, IA – Amy C. Shipley, AA (Liberal Arts).

Elk Run Heights, IA – John M. Magnuson*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Ellsworth, IA – Courtney J. Fudge*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Fortaleza, Brazil – Artur Aguiar de Albuquerque*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Garwin, IA – Elizabeth M. Browder*, Certificate & Diploma (Manufacturing Welding); Joshua J. Hass, Diploma (Utility Technician); Cole Langenbau*, AA (Business Administration); and Terry L. Winders, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding).

Gilman, IA – Nicholas E. Mommer, AA (Liberal Arts).

Grinnell, IA – Amanda S. Allen*, AA (Liberal Arts); Zachary T. Boehmer, AA (Liberal Arts); Sammie L. Campbell Jr., AAS (Gunsmith Technology); Shane A. Gibson, AA (Liberal Arts); Elisabeth M. Jones, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Samara J. Lacy, AA (Liberal Arts); Dakota W. Mendenhall, AAS (Gunsmith Technology); Cheyenne M. Morales, AA (Liberal Arts); Jared C. Norberte, AA (Liberal Arts); Dustin J. Patten*, Diploma (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner); Kimberly L. Schaeffer, AA (Liberal Arts) and AAS (Early Childhood Education); Skyler J. Small*, AA and AAS (Criminal Justice); Easton D. Van Zante*, AA (Liberal Arts); and Chance A. Winburn, AA (Liberal Arts).

Grundy Center, IA – Erica L. Martens, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing).

Ibizu Islas Bajeanes, Spain – Fernando Gutierrez Lopez*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Indianola, IA – Bailey Ogbourne, AA (Liberal Arts).

Iowa Falls, IA – Renae Off*, AAS (Early Childhood Education).

Jacksonville, NC – Candace T. Aikin, AA (Liberal Arts).

Jefferson, IA – Dylan J. McConnell**, Diploma (Utility Technician).

Kellogg, IA – Riley J. Ely, Certificate & Diploma (Manufacturing Welding) and Clayton P. Tuttle, AAS (Gunsmith Technology).

Keswick, IA – Jake L. Brumbaugh, AA (Liberal Arts).

Knoxville, IA – Abigail R. Bacon, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Austin R. Little, AA (Liberal Arts); and Anthony J. Salato, AA (Liberal Arts).

LeGrand, IA – Parker J. Angstman*, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner); Drake C. McKeever, Certificate & Diploma (Manufacturing Welding); McKenna L. Tow, AA (Liberal Arts); Jacob A. Weatherman, Diploma (Utility Technician); and Bryan Young, Diploma (Utility Technician).

Marshalltown, IA – Darrian M. Aguilar*, AA (Liberal Arts) and AAS (Computer Network Management); Petra M. Alejo, AA (Science & Mathematics); Brooklyn A. Amundson, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Amanda K. Aneweer, AA (Liberal Arts); Brady Arment, AA (Liberal Arts); Olga Avalos*, AA (Liberal Arts); LaReen M. Baedke, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Irma N. Becerra Gonzalez, AA (Liberal Arts); Rhiannon S. Benda, AA (Liberal Arts); Sam P. Tammeo Brennecke, AA (Liberal Arts); Shelby J. Brennecke, AA (Liberal Arts); Marissa K. Brothers*, AA (Liberal Arts); Jocelyne N. Cardenas, AA (Liberal Arts); Erin E. Carmichael*, AA (Liberal Arts); Kelly M. Carmichael, AA (Liberal Arts); Brandin A. Chaloupek, AA (Liberal Arts); Gina M. Chandler, AA (Liberal Arts); Dayana Monserrat Chavarria, AA (Liberal Arts); Emily Clawson*, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Jennifer E. Corona*, AA (Liberal Arts); Triston R. Cullor, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding); Joshua Davenport, Diploma (Utility Technician); Kimberly N. Dawson*, AA (Liberal Arts); Kelsey DeBruyn, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Sylvia Ebot, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Megan E. Ellis, AA (Liberal Arts); Maria A. Estrada Laurel*, AA (Liberal Arts); Jaime E. Flores, AA (Liberal Arts); Tavian E. Fortune*, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding); Luis G. Garcia, AA (Liberal Arts); Naw Aye Gay, AA (Liberal Arts); Brody A. Gethmann; AA (Liberal Arts), Brenda Y. Gomez, AA (Liberal Arts); Reggie J. Gradwell, AA (Liberal Arts); Matthew D. Grove, AA (Liberal Arts); Tyler Hale, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Joshua R. Hamar, AA (Liberal Arts); Brady E. Hammer, AA (Liberal Arts); Elizabeth A. Hendershott*, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Zakary T. Herink, AAS (Gunsmith Technology); Jazmine Hernandez, AA (Liberal Arts); Sugey Hernandez*, AA (Liberal Arts); Kaylee D. Howe*, AA (Liberal Arts);  Dylan Hutzel, AA (Liberal Arts); Casey W. Jenkins*, AAS (Machine Tool Technology); Alec C. Johnston**, AA (Liberal Arts); Jenissa Johnston, AA (Paralegal); Tabatha Jordan, AGS; Matt D. Jorpeland*, AA (Liberal Arts); McKaylea R. Keeler, AA (Criminal Justice); David J. Landherr*, AA (Liberal Arts); Devin S. Louks, AA (Liberal Arts); Severio R. Mancieri, AA (Liberal Arts); Yaneli Marceleno, AA (Liberal Arts); Jessica L. Marks, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Michaela N. McDonald, Certificate & Diploma (Manufacturing Welding); Juliet Jimenez Metcalf, AA (Liberal Arts); Adam H. Miller*, Diploma (Utility Technician) and AGS; Lansana M. Mohr, AAS (Powerline Technician); Austin C. Moorman, AA (Liberal Arts); Nyembo P. Mukumbilwa, Diploma (Machine Tool Technology Practitioner) and AAS (Machine Tool Technology); Paige M. Oetker, AA (Liberal Arts); Julio C. Ordaz-Dirks, AA (Liberal Arts); Rosa M. Ortiz, AA (Liberal Arts); Juliana K. Osgood*, AA (Liberal Arts); Yelitza P. Apolinar, AA (Liberal Arts); Kari Paw, AA (Liberal Arts); Aime A. Perez, AA (Liberal Arts); Alejandro Perez, AA (Liberal Arts); Crystal L. Prusha, AA (Liberal Arts); Skyelar L. Purchase, AA (Accounting); Maria C. Ramirez*, AA (Liberal Arts); Yvette Ramirez, AA (Liberal Arts); Jasmine Redding, AA (Liberal Arts); Lucas K. Reinert, AA (Liberal Arts); Elya J. Reiser, AA (Liberal Arts); Jared J. Ridout*, Certificate & Diploma (Manufacturing Welding); Stephanie Ruiz, AA (Liberal Arts); Marvin L. Ruiz Ruano*, Diploma (Utility Technician); Ana I. Saldana Ibarra*, AA (Liberal Arts); Victor E. Sanchez Garcia*, AAS (Computer Network Management); Lah Wah Shee, AA (Liberal Arts); Jordan R. Smith, AA (Science & Mathematics); Hannah G. Stone*, AA (Medicine); Alyssa F. Strait*, AA (Liberal Arts); Stephanie M. Isaacson Taylor*, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Mariela Tellez*, AA (Liberal Arts); Austin W. Tiernan, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner); Christian Valencia, AA (Liberal Arts); Jared D. Van DeWalle, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner); Trace J. Wanatee, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding); Clayton Warnell, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding); Hannah L. Weir, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Anthony E. Weltzin, AA (Liberal Arts); Gerrie L. Westendorf*, AA (Liberal Arts); Denise Weuve*, Diploma (Medical Office Practitioner); Tonya R. Wilder, AA (Liberal Arts); Erica Williams, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Logan J. Woods, Diploma (Automotive Repair Technology Practitioner); and Viviana Yanez Fuentes, AA (Liberal Arts).

Melbourne, IA – Jon E. Bunting III, Diploma (Utility Technician); Ashley N. Dare, Diploma (Practical Nursing); and Chelsea A. Vajgrt, AGS.

Milford, IA – Holt Hunziker, AA (Liberal Arts).

Monterrey, Mexico – Dalia M. Contu, AGS.

Montour, IA – Andrew C. Peters*, Certificate & Diploma (Manufacturing Welding) and Jeremy E. Rosario, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding).

Muscatine, IA – Tyler J. Miller*, Diploma (Utility Technician).

Nantes, France – Soufiane S. Mensah, AA (Liberal Arts).

Neuquen, Argentina – Barbara Araoz**, AA (Liberal Arts).

Nevada, IA – Jordan Hadaway, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing).

New Sharon, IA – Corey J. Roozeboom**, Diploma (Utility Technician).

Newton, IA – Alex J. Bartels, AAS (Computer Network Management); Joel E. Grimm*, AAS (Machine Tool Technology); and Nicholas Smith, AAS (Gunsmith Technology).

North English, IA – Adam D. Kerkove, AA (Computer Network Management).

Oceanside, CA – Tess Cheetham, AA (Liberal Arts).

Ottumwa, IA – Kalean R. Tanksley*, Diploma (Early Childhood Education Practitioner).

Philadelphia, PA – Floyd Preito, AA (Liberal Arts).

Postville, IA – Keith M. Freilinger, AAS (Gunsmith Technology).

Prairie City, IA – Travis L. Miller, AAS (Gunsmith Technology).

Rhodes, IA – Vernon L. Ash, Diploma (Machine Tool Technology Practitioner) and AAS (Machine Tool Technology).

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil – Pedro A. Gomes Oliveira*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Round Rock, TX – John T. Spells, AA (Liberal Arts).

Searsboro, IA – Tiffany J. Mendenwaldt**, AA (Liberal Arts).

Sigourney, IA – Jordan E. Carter, AA (Liberal Arts).

Sioux City, IA – Joshua J. Stephens*, AA (Liberal Arts).

State Center, IA – Connor J. Cahalan, Diploma (Manufacturing Welding Practitioner); Krista M. Craighton, AA (Liberal Arts); Courtney D. Howe, Diploma (Practical Nursing); and Lucas J. Ruby**, AA (Liberal Arts).

Tama, IA – Samantha N. Betz*, AA (Liberal Arts); Alexa L. Boliver, AA (Liberal Arts); Brenda Burrows, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Treye J. Erickson, AA (Liberal Arts); Lisa R. Morrow, AA (Liberal Arts); Amanda M. Ortiz, Diploma (Practical Nursing); Christian A. Potter, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding); Nickolas A. Rembert, AA (Liberal Arts); Kelly C. Waseskuk, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Myles Waterbury, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding); Jerry K. Young Bear, AA (Liberal Arts); and Elaine D. Youngbear, AA (Liberal Arts).

Toledo, IA – Joshua Benda*, AAS (Broadcasting/Digital Media); Sadie R. Brewer, AA (Liberal Arts); Kolin Ferneau, Certificate & Diploma (Manufacturing Welding); Tara K. Joyce*, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); McKenna J. Knock*, AA (Liberal Arts); Ethan Kotouc, AAS (Electro-Mechanical Systems Technologist); Garrett W. Kubik*, AAS (Associate Degree Nursing); Nathan C. McAdoo, Diploma (Utility Technician); Joel Medina*, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding); Nicholas P. Ryan, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding); and Nicholas W. Vesely, AA (Liberal Arts).

Trondheim, Norway – Jonas Overdahl Perkis, AA (Liberal Arts).

Union, IA – Jaydon P. Dolash, Certificate (Manufacturing Welding).

Urbandale, IA – Cole C. Baker*, AA (Liberal Arts).

Walcott, IA – Hunter A. Roenfeldt*, AAS (Gunsmith Technology).

Washington, IA – Drew C. Ousey, Diploma (Utility Technician).

Windom, MN – Carlos E. Lopez, Certificate & Diploma (Manufacturing Welding).

Yutan, NE – Hayden L. Matuszeski, AAS (Gunsmith Technology).

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